Home spins aircraft company eventually will parting price advantage

Published on 2018-06-21

This year1-4Month, accumulative total of dress of our country textile exports amount801.6100 million dollars, grow compared to the same period16.5%. Among them textile exit322.2100 million dollars, grow compared to the same period11.7%; Dress is exported479.4Dollar, grow compared to the same period20%, occupy textile dress to export total59.81%.

With respect to the exit of dress of each month textile amount collect adds fast circumstance to look compared to the same period, 2013Year4Month, our country textile exports amount to be96.5100 million dollars, grow compared to the same period14.7%, occupy what export total that month43.31%; Dress is exported126.3100 million dollars, relatively the corresponding period rose last year21.6Percent.

From on in the graph see not hard, relatively at textile relatively stable exit forehead goes situation, the exit forehead of dress product goes situation is usable on any account rises and fall will describe. Last year3Quarter, industry of our country garment with integral prep above150The exit amount of 100 million dollars again model exports small height, but from this year2Amount of the exit since month declines considerably.

 Think: The stable exit that wants to weigh dress of model China textile is added situation, spinning the technology that knits machinery and product to upgrade also is cannot of oversight; In addition, the drive of market of demand of upper reaches of benefit from benefit from, market of domestic spin machine is sure to lift new round purchase upsurge. By this token, the high end of machinery of Chinese textile clothing changes stride to already was become cannot evasive problem.

The analysis on put together, face with each passing day high end is changed, science and technology is changed, the target market of diversity, the price advantage that home spins aircraft company already gradually disappear is weak, the palm of core technology accuses to already became the lifeblood that industry of Chinese spin machinery grows.