The key when not Anacreontic poor dissimilation develops spin condition

Published on 2018-06-21

Business of a lot of fabrics expressed cooperative intention in the spot. Reporter spot interviewed Chen Qisheng, how to accomplish poor dissimilation with dug yarn enterprise.

Taweekly: Ask you to introduce the state of the enterprise simply.

Chen Qisheng: Limited company of science and technology of new material of Shandong couplet embellish held water 2011, formal 2012 put into production. It is research and development of yarn of new material of a collect, production, sale the high-tech spin enterprise that is an organic whole. The company has cotton of medium staple cotton, long to Xinjiang fine hair, fiber of milk of; of fiber of bamboo of; of fiber of of all kinds viscose, soja fiber, moisture absorption discharges; of A100 of silk of day of; of beautiful cotton, leather horse cotton, G100; of all kinds Mo Daier sweat fiber, guest bully fiber, calorific fiber, nylon fiber and cashmere, can come true pure spin and each other the blending of the much constituent between.

Taweekly: Spin situation is not Anacreontic 2012, you how is look upon current the market?

Chen Qisheng: Yes. Although yarn is produced,can tend saturated, but I think spin industry does not have any problems, the key is the fixed position that should find a company. The company began the design of the project 2011, decide the type selecting of the fixed position of the product, equipment at the same time. The enterprise locates at that time is to do high quality, difference to change, new-style spin material surpasses functional sex subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy is close together spinning, we special value this market.

Taweekly: Is contest sth resembling a net close together does spinning have He Te to nod?

Chen Qisheng: Close together spinning combined contest sth resembling a net to surpass the good point that subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy is spun and spins cheek by jowl, represented yarn is at present highest upright craft setting.

Contest sth resembling a net spins the result that reflected plied yarn, the burnish feeling; that raises dress spins the fiber of pair of spinning areas to undertake permutation afresh cheek by jowl, optimized gauze line to do a level greatly, reduce 70% above to the Mao Yu of 3mm above. Intensity of this kinds of yarn increased 10% , what already was close to annulus ingot plied yarn is puissant.

Be helpful for issueing working procedure production, desirable disappear singeing working procedure, reduce size oar makings, improve loom speed and efficiency, improve knitting basketwork performance: Fight cottony sex having a ball is improved substantially, the surface is slick, colourful, coloring is osmotic good.

The product quality of the company all achieves new 2007 edition bulletin of Wu Si spy 5% levels, close together yarn and common annulus ingot spin the contest sth resembling a net of the company to be compared, into gauze puissant rose 15% , 3mm above Mao Yu is reduced 70% , can satisfy requirement of all sorts of high quality yarn of client of global spin high end, have broad market to develop prospect.

Taweekly: Through what means does the company retain poor dissimilation competition ability?

Chen Qisheng: Company actor chooses advanced equipment, use mature technology, have powerful administrative technology group, the of all kinds difference that basically produces sex of high-grade, green, healthy, environmental protection, function, new material changes combing yarn. The company has international to precede spinning equipment of the level includes Ci of German spy Lv to strap (Trutzschler) Qing Dynasty combs couplet, Switzerland stands amount to (Rieter) combing machine, establish the drawing machine that amounts to function of self-regulated even and orderly, India (Lakshmi) spun yarn grows.

The type selecting of equipment reflected rate of advanced sex, stability, energy-saving sex, automation advanced characteristic. The company has ten spindle, deploy contest sth resembling a net to spin entirely, spin unit cheek by jowl, can produce the of all kinds yarn of 10-120s, produce per year a quantity 15 thousand tons.

Additional, the administrative layer personnel of the company has the administrative experience with advanced company of more than 20 years of spin. Have the employee team with faithful and adept, stable technology, above of three-year institution of higher learning of average record of formal schooling. The dominant position of technical qualified personnel that we develop base of spinning of Shandong high-quality goods adequately, combine the reserve force of scientific research school. There is excuse on executive force, act instantly, do right.

Taweekly: What move does the company have in service client respect?

Chen Qisheng: Our service is a word, fast. To provide excellent service, we built lead to forecast, directional development, right amount the means that store. According to fashionable and popular element, the development of fiber technology, company reserve has 20 many series, the new fiber raw material of 100 many breed, can provide the yarn that the client needs quickly. On the development cycle of the product, a week finishs common breed, the 2-3 day of special requirement is finished, we meet urgent breed be finished inside 24 hours, assure to make a client satisfactory.