Predict 2013 spin industry moves smoothly show first low hind Gao Zhi situation

Published on 2018-06-21

What vice-chairman of association of Chinese textile industry holds secretary-general tall brave concurrently to be held today is medium spin express on round-table forum, gross value of industrial output of industry of 1-11 month spin was last year 5.224 trillion, current increase rate is 11.9% , but compare 20 years with the past, increase rate is to drop however. Current whole society is in a transition period, and a progress of Chinese economy society will be during 925 ” of “ important adjustment period, the transition that also is spin industry at the same time period. Accordingly, “ spin industry the growth rate of 11.9% should be more rational development speed ” .

In addition, gao Yong is forecasted, after data will come out December, the profit of entire industry or will adjacent 250 billion, increase rate will exceed 2% , perhaps exceed 3% , and forehead of spin industry exit predicts to will exceed 260 billion this year, add fast estimation to be 3% the left and right sides. At the same time he expresses, this will be the 2nd trough that exit of whole textile industry comes to 20 years, lowermost moment was 2009, exit appears negative worth, for – 9.65% .

Gao Yong expresses, although spin industry development was in 2012,grow, but have in the market of the United States and European Union leading is reductive, can explain competition ability of international of Chinese spin industry is being reduced further. He expresses, export side encounters a problem previously, because the international market is atrophic,basically be, from the point of home, basically suffer cost of factor of production to rise, labour cost rises, raw material cost rises wait for element influence.

“ and from inside need a respect to look, spin garment industry is in the consumable increase rate in social consumable total volume of retail sales is 18.2% , this is an unexpected data, at least is the data that gives me to expect. ” Gao Yong such say. The increase rate of textile garment industry is achieved 18.2% , need to catch up with inside the specification, and the consumable total volume of retail sales of far outclass whole society, explain spin industry progress is good still.

Gao Yong thinks, in light of a variety of evidence, current, the development speed of textile industry is the development rate that the economy that gets used to whole China, society grows, it is to suit adjust period development speed, accordingly, it is speed of normaller, more rational development. Gao Yong thinks 2013 still can be a year that runs more smoothly, will appear first low hind tall situation, basically be new economic policy will produce an effect to the industry, and export what also will maintain to compare hardship to move. “ but, gradually as especially upgrade takes American market now, as market demand, as the growth that wants inside our home, I think from the back a such tendencies that still can one goes up. ”