China spins a city gently: Of short duration of complete bombazine price is firm

Published on 2019-05-11

Current, be worth when cotton supplies temporary shortage. Recently, henan saved spin guild to hold situation of pily supply and demand to analyse an informal discussion in Zhengzhou organization. On the meeting, the controller that comes from Henan to save company of spin of 13 keys cotton signs jointly, appeal the country lays in cotton usu. in anticipation of or in order to bring about a fall in price to cannot stop.

On June 6, the enterprise learns from conference of cotton of 2013 China International, rose on July 31 from this year, the country lays in time-out cotton usu. in anticipation of or in order to bring about a fall in price. The message comes out, saved Henan to cause intense echo greatly in spin instantly.

Henan saves Li Shuqin of spin guild chairman to point out, the characteristic of Henan spin is with cotton spin is given priority to, 2012 enterprise of dimensions above spinning, manufacturing yarn 4.832 million tons, crop ranks the whole nation the 2nd. Production value holds complete province 70% of textile industry total production value, 95% what pure bombazine holds gauze total output. Accordingly, active pily policy is the oldest to Henan influence, spin saved spin to weigh calamity province greatly. The enterprise struggles on line of life and death, the company that there was an advantage in the past feels the day is very sad nowadays, many enterprises already were “ the disease is not curable ” , edge deficit limit holds to production, 40% above shut medium and small businesses.

Limited company of spin of abundant of the abundant that make prosperous with its “ equipment advanced choose and employ persons little, management is contracted do not be short of labour, capital to borrow money amply harmony of little, enterprise is happy exponential tall ” 4 big characteristics and advantage are celebrated. But can go up in this, loose afterwards of the Song Dynasty shows president of limited company of spin of abundant of the abundant that make prosperous however: The day of spin enterprise is too sad. Current, price difference of domestic and international cotton is such big, the company stands hard indeed. Import cotton petty gain, the enterprise lacks quota; Homebred cotton is expensive, the company does not stand again, in a dilemma. On the market, cotton price is unpredicatable, the company does not hold, this rides blind ass ” as “ blind, the company goes not far not only, and can topple sooner or later.

In Song Song afterwards looks, the country closes store cotton presses 20400 yuan / ton close store, reserve cotton contest sells base price to be 19000 yuan / ton (standard class) , cotton of other social estate is led according to grade difference 3% , length difference is led 1% undertake calculating. Close just about store cotton and reserve cotton contest sell the price difference between, cause cast store cotton contest is bought those who become spin enterprise to show level is main purchase channel, also become the “ with only company to help straw ” . If country store cotton stops pat, the enterprise can be immersed in the condition of ” of “ cook a meal without rice, more quickened enterprise “ to close down wet ” is formed, cause a series of society problems thereby.

Wei Xuezhu analyses president of company of new wild spin, the country suspends laying in cotton usu. in anticipation of or in order to bring about a fall in price to have stated reason, basically be to be afraid of spec of a few people, low average is cast here store cotton, sell at high price again there close store cotton, from which easy gains. Actually, the country is completely capable to adopt legal measure, strengthen management to prevent the happening of this kind of phenomenon.

Besides, market environment is at present complex, not certain factor is very much, risk of many reserve cotton is very big. Company production maintains mostly with cotton now control in half month, it is to follow with along with buy, speed tantivy, reduce reserve cost, avoid market risk. Although the enterprise thinks,buy a large number of cotton to also do not have money.

Accordingly, group of spin of abundant of the abundant that make prosperous, new wild spin, Nanyang spin, Jiao Zunhai China the controller of 13 spin company such as group of smooth cotton of spin, Wei spin, Chao Ge spin, Henan appeals —— country lays in cotton usu. in anticipation of or in order to bring about a fall in price to cannot stop jointly.

On June 30, the spin of saddle hill intelligence that by Chinese spin machinery equipment industry association sponsors is mechanical seminar of industrial garden program is held in Anhui saddle hill. Vice-chairman of federation of Chinese textile industry holds secretary-general concurrently dress of spin of Wang Shutian of director of association of industry of equipment of machinery of spin of Yao Mu of academician of Gao Yong, Chinese Academy of Engineering, China, China is pedagogic this world of conference chairman Ni is born, Chinese machinery studies scientificly total courtyard productivity, and key of the expert scholar of relevant unit, home spun aircraft company delegate to attend a seminar.