The home spun brand market to develop analysis of 3 general orientation 2013

Published on 2019-05-11

The market namely the terminal that we say, it is a basis that spins business development all the time, to hold the dominant that the market grows, enterprise people also was to spend idea, but effect is not apparent. Industry expert expresses, at present our country has on 10 thousand homes to spin a business, the company that becomes a brand has more than 2000, and this number still is rising continuously, so fast development plan has let the phenomenon of terminal market occurrence saturation, if the home spins an enterprise to still holding to traditional home to spin the augment of the market, so the balloon that the market will fill air like is same, explode at any time.

Of much territory extend it is very important to spin a business to the home, this is an important segment that spins brand construction, the author introduces the home simply like everybody to spin the market of the brand to develop way today: One, marriage the key that celebrates the home to spin market home to spin an enterprise to be developed above all is marriage celebrate the home to spin the market, this is the traditional market that the company develops. From last year August, fu Anna is successful to marriage after celebrating market transition, marriage celebrate the market to be spun by the home afresh the enterprise takes seriously, chinese home spins association to also express, marriage celebrate market future 5-10 year potential value is in the market 30 billion above, can satisfy the development requirement that at present most home spins a business. Celebrate home of brand dream clean to spin like traditional marriage, southern bedroom is acted the role of had held stable market in this domain, if other company wants to divide a cup of a thick soup from which, sure should assume particular risk.

2, gift home spins the market is gift market moreover, a few this years the concept of people give sb a present produced change, taste to present nutrient health care from traditional smoke wine product, visible consumer also is advocating to live healthily. Gift home spins as it happens to satisfy instantly customer to healthy, comfortable requirement, make the first selection of these a few years of give sb a present. Home Luo Lai is spun last year also transition of take advantage of an opportunity does gift home to spin, it is Luo Lai thereby this brand aircraft carrier escorts the Emperor convoy.

3, zoology home spins the market finally is zoology home spins the market. Conforming with international is China for quite a long time develop a plan, two this years international stresses zoology environmental protection, for this, domestic home spins an enterprise to also change the product to zoology domain development.