2013, how will be Chinese textile deduced?

Published on 2019-05-11

Guide language: 2012, industry of our country spin advance steadily in ” the road that lasting to develop in the total fundamental key of ” ; 2013, in process of persistent economic structure transition, of Chinese spin industry will how Where is gradual progress? Chinese spin mechanically-laid web thinks, below the market background that exists objectively in product requirement, industry, enterprise whether realize profit, be on the way that expectant open mode innovation develops, depend on even domestic spin enterprise.

Federation of Chinese textile industry was released spin industry economy moved 2012 circumstance and development trend was forecasted 2013. 2012, “ of spin industry total fundamental key advance steadily ” , deepen industrial structural adjustment energetically, accelerate industrial transition to upgrade, answer an international market actively low fan wait for a lot of and exterior risk, capture closely inside want market opportunity. Annual spin industry comes true basically to move smoothly, economy adds fast whole to show the hasten in delay to go firmly situation, show main economic norms to stabilize structural adjustment of growth, industry to obtain new progress, industry to develop pressure relatively increase this 3 big characteristics somewhat before.

Spin industry development had the positive factor that comparative already 2013, also be faced with a lot of risk to challenge, the market needs to will still continue to become the motive force that the industry expands smoothly inside, the posture that spin industry hopeful was continueing to maintain smooth growth 2013 will present produce and sale to add fast promote steadily; The influence that pily policy runs to the industry is outstanding still; Structural adjustment pace is accelerated further wait for development characteristic.