China hand in meeting: Clothing company exit still feels pressure hill is big

Published on 2019-05-11

The near future, the China that be called is new the 23rd of ” of barometer of “ of situation of a year of foreign trade China hand in can ring down the curtain. According to sponsorring square statistic, current Fair assembly pays the specified amount 2.814 billion dollar, drop than previous term or session 9.87% . Among them, light industrial craft kind commodity clinchs a deal 1.383 billion dollar, grow 1.39% , spin dress kind commodity clinchs a deal 1.314 billion dollar, drop 15.68% . Buy a respect, euramerican increase apparently with rising market traveling trader, european travelling merchant grows 16.79% , the North America that gives priority to with the United States among them attends a meeting travelling merchant grows 60.60% considerably. The part is burgeoning the market clinchs a deal amplitude is bigger, among them Africa clinchs a deal the forehead 68.65 million dollar, grow 35.43% .

Although buy a number to grow, but the enterprise is not hopeful however to the judgement of situation of foreign trade total bodily form. The reporter is in exhibit meeting site to understand, because suffer the effect that the cost such as raw material, manpower rises, major dress ginseng exhibited an enterprise to raise the export price of the product, lowest goes up also achieve 10% . In addition, chief returns pair of “ to hire difficult ” problem to feel related much home company have a headache, because enrol the worker that is less than adequate measure, different level land puts the company in the problem with insufficient start working, affect the growth of company order. Export environmental depression, let the clothing company frequency that many ginseng exhibit this year send difficult cry.

Product line personnel is not worth Shanghai Kai Qi badly industrial limited company exhibits a chief Kuang Su to build say, the salary of workman of clothing production company is inferior, it is the main reason that the ” after new generation “90 is not willing to pursue spin trade. Because the youth is general to salary requirement taller, it is difficult to be hired so the problem that rises ceaselessly with manufacturing cost is producing a business already very apparent.

Dress exhibits the ginseng of the area to exhibit business Jiangsu to collect Luo Bing of grand international group to express, in Anhui, the company pays the worker’s salary every months 3000 yuan about two, but still do not enrol a person. Company entire product line needs 300 two workers probably, but the present breach that use worker worker achieved 1/3. The order this year reduced the company half, most client supports wait-and-see attitude, a few old clients say to want to wait for product value to fall to discuss to cooperate again.

Gentleman of the Kingdom of Wei shows president of limited company of gift of Shanghai prosperous source, the factory produces need normally 300 two workers, but there are many 80 only now, personnel is not worth badly. The monthly pay of employee rose more on average than last year this year 15% , but such worker enrols even if hard still also.

Export price is common go up moving Home Feng Yuan to spin limited company to join the product that exhibit this is pet bed. Company controller yellow gentleman says, because raw material rises in price, the product quoted price of the company rose than last year this year 10% ~ 20% , other vendor is general also and such. As a result of last year of polyester fibber rose in price 20% ~ 30% , of cotton cloth rose in price 100% , below this kind of circumstance, the export price of the product must rise subsequently.

Searching appropriate cooperative manufacturer also is a lot of enterprises come round to refer the matter of the meeting. Limited company of sprotswear of cloth Lu Ji (Italy) Qingdao delegate is in seek a gentleman to be in exhibit meeting site busy one morning, still did not seek favorite cooperation square. He says, the ginseng this year exhibits business to be compared apparently a lot of less last year, and quote has 30% generally go up, everybody feels very difficult accept. “ generally speaking, if the product quotes in 10% ~ of 15% go up a limits inside, our company is accepted likely still. ” seeks a gentleman to express.

Join welfare of city of the Xiamen that postpone business to ascend Chen Xiangdong of manager of trade limited company to say, the company has not received order at present, old client feels 15% of the left and right sides go up accept very hard, support wait-and-see attitude.

Ms. Chen of firm of dress of Li Chi of county of scanty Anhui full any of several hot spice plants points out profit of acting industry company, these two years, the competition that comes from southeast Asia area is very intense, because the manpower cost of these areas has the in part of domestic company only, cannot compete basically in same standard.

In garment industry, baby childen’s garments still belongs to a overseas market is better kind, but although do in enterprise of high-end baby childen’s garments, wool profit margin also wanders in the level of 10% only. Li Chi dress is mixed at present a company of Italian is joint-stock produce baby child dress, the company that is Italy does the production that stick a card. Besides giving this Italy enterprise acting worker worker, li Chi company also makes acting treatment for Spain and other and Euramerican country. 2012, company accrete produces hand-me-down 300 thousand, according to every average 3~4 dollar is calculated, sale makes an appointment with 6 million yuan. However, 600 thousand yuan gross profit is restricted only in these 6 million yuan of sale, 300 thousand yuan net. And look in Ms. Chen, the situation of business of acting industry of other very much garment is more bad.