It is difficult to greet and the Chinese spin that go up is mechanical course of study

Published on 2019-05-11

Guide language: Business obverse side is facing domestic spin machinery to balance the pressure with economic transition again, spin of this pair of our country is crucial undoubtedly for the development of mechanical industry. Chinese spin mechanically-laid web points out: 2013 prelusive had pulled open, market of Chinese spin machine also appears gave new characteristic, although domestic company still lies in the environment with a total good profit, but in the modern market in change quickly, our country spins the transition that knits rigid market to upgrade still cannot be ignored.

For the person that challenges to abounding, difficulty is greater, fun is more; For the person to be good at discovering, the more low fan, the chance is more. Had gone 2012, although leave us one this year a cold winter that does not see more, but having two sides like a coin same, we saw the warm this world of wintry day as much.

The gate 2013 has been opened. This year, of the industry low fan can can you continue to continue or you appear new a favourable turn? To find the solution, ” spin machine weekly ” this period invited 7 company controller that spin machine industry, ask them to go to the industry this year situation undertake forecasting, these forecast a result not just the same. We hope, these forecasting and they are right difficult answered plan, can give a reader a few draw lessons from and help.

Sound one market still very big

World economy anabiosises the complexity with still exist certain and uncertainty, chinese economy is seeking new balance, 2013, the macroscopical foreground of the industry is very good, spin machine market very big still.

Xie Fucai of president of company of group of Pacific Ocean Electromechanical:

From the point of trend of development of Chinese textile industry, I think, spun machine market 2013 very big still. Current, whole spin industry is in high speed development of a few years shifted gear once upon a time middling speed grows, transition development is becoming those who be placed before us, cannot evasive difficult problem. Accordingly, the enterprise practices hard exercise to benefit the internal organs, timely roll out the product that gets used to home market demand, develop export market actively to appear particularly important.

Although company of group of Pacific Ocean Electromechanical already had collective of form a complete set to fall the machine of equipment of machinery of loom of rapier of car of pilot of gauze spun yarn, high speed, air-jet loom, chemical fibber, high-grade combing product that accords with market demand, but the market is had rate is not high, still must have made the preparation that answers difficulty, increasing product stability, accelerate taste industrialization newly, extend the respect such as the market to make great efforts more energetically.

To come true 2013 advocate target of business Wu income, we put working emphasis in improve product quality, accelerate taste industrialization newly, extend export market to wait for a respect. Accelerate taste industrialization newly, basically point to the development plan that accelerates loom of CG6500 high-grade rapier, on the foundation that 2012 the small lot that finish produces, strive to realized batch production 2013. In the meantime, the technology of research and development of machine of electric ingot spun yarn that center of technology of Pacific Ocean Electromechanical develops independently oneself gradually hasten is mature, had had the capacity that expands 1008 ingot by 432 ingot at present, this machine can maintain its intelligence to change rate already, satisfy an user to be opposite again the demand of car of spun yarn pilot.

To get used to the demand of diversity of chemical fibber industry, we are in extend high-powered PPS to get together further the project market such as product line of whole set of short staple of benzene sulfur aether is had rate while, filament winding the head realizes commercial production. As the transition that economy grows, textile industry is in China the trend that personal occurrence industry changes, spin as as close together as textile industry connective machine industry needs take advantage of an opportunity and be. 2013, we should extend the export market such as South Asia, southeast Asia further.

Xu makes the same score general manager of limited company of machinery of Chang De spin:

World economy anabiosises the complexity with still exist certain and uncertainty, chinese economy is seeking new balance, I am right 2013 the macroscopical situation of the industry is not very value, should be “ discretion, low fan, slant hopeful ” .

Good luck and challenge are met in any moment exist at the same time. The good luck 2013 is: The main area that drives our country economy to develop for a long time did not produce fundamental change, chinese economy is adjusted in persistent structural sex in already showed stability, pull the “ that moves economy 3 drive carriage ” to have more powerful motive force; Of the party 18 put forward greatly, to 2020, implementation breaks up twice time target, conference of central economy job also put forward economy to grow the target of 7.5% , what growth needs to will continue to become economy to grow inside is main help motive force; China is spin big country, spin machinery is a very big industry, drive in textile industry, spin machine industry to will be able to develop his skill to full. In each branch line of business, knitting occupies the proportion of spin industry to rising quickly, and the proportion that warp knitting holds knitting achieves 2/3, we experience industry of warp knitting knitting is a latent capacity the tremendous, burgeoning domain that accords with a times to develop tide.