The good luck of 2013 spin machinery and challenge

Published on 2019-05-11

Guide language: Face austere with each passing day international market, have enterprise escape by the skin of one’s teeth rarely, rieter of big plant of Swiss spin machine is not exceptional also. Chinese spin mechanically-laid web thinks: Of market demand constrictive those who reach international economy is dispirited rigid to international spin market also is not little impact, to Switzerland this is planted industrial developed country particularly serious.

Fettersing to Swiss spin machine 2012 is a difficult year big plant Rieter.

Rieter2012 year turnover decreased 100 million 7, 5 million luck bright (- 16% ) , amount to 800 million 8, 6 million luck bright.

The turnover of Rieter reduced the issue in be anticipation 2012, this group already explained in the press release that issues at the beginning of Feburary 2013, because the global market environment 2012 is complex austere.

Face 2013, rieter group thinks to also be not easy thing, the order that has a few chinese mainland and India however by delayed to 2013 2012.

To 2012 the end of the year, the order of Rieter group is amounted to 500 million 5, 5 million luck bright, relatively decreased 2011 8% .