Before profit of industry of dimensions above garment will exceed new Fan Shi of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two C2B to will become nucleus in October!

Published on 2018-06-21

The data that comes from national statistic bureau shows, 2016 1-10 month, business of industry of countrywide dimensions above achieves profit total five thousand two hundred and fifty-six billion seven hundred and seventy million yuan, grow 8.6% compared to the same period, month of increasing ratio 1-9 accelerates 0.2 percent.

October, business of dimensions above industry achieves profit total 616.1 billion yuan, grow 9.8% compared to the same period, increasing ratio accelerated 2.1 percent September.

The reporter notices, in kinds of 41 industry are big industry, month of 1-10 of line of business of dress of spin of above of our country dimensions, dress comes true advocate business Wu income one thousand eight hundred and ninety-one billion one hundred and forty million yuan of RMB, with photograph of the corresponding period compared growth last year 5.3% , implementation profit total one hundred and three billion three hundred and forty million yuan of RMBs, with photograph of the corresponding period compared growth last year 3.8% .

The reporter understands here, according to federation of Chinese textile industry the data that releases before this shows, current, profit of company of clothing of nearly 70% spin takes entire industry 10% the left and right sides, <1% of average profit margin. And with respect to spin dress entire industry whole looks, from 2011 4 quarters income, net glides considerably begin, bearing of industry whole scene chases season to go low. Among them spin industry takes the lead in reducing, extent surpasses garment industry (spin is to create kind of company entirely, dress includes to spin take consume kind of enterprise) . Spin take industry income to add fast from 2012 the sole since the bottom picks up, net was added first half of the year 2013 fast accompany income slow grow and answer gradually; after that as a result of dress child trade cost throws go tall once more, and spin child price of industry raw material drops continuously, industrial catenary digests the sheet below inventory, discretion, the pressure of interest rate of order, wool knits an enterprise to cotton spinning short-term outstanding achievement brings particular suppress action, suffer this effect, net is added fast issue defeat to come continuously 2014 4 quarters – 11.55% . 2015 up to now, , market of profit from of industry whole income spends promotion centrally, bibcock company order grows, add compared to the same period fast by negative become a full member; at the same time, raw material price is low a hasten is firm, drive gain space to be released somewhat, gross profit leads basic stability, net is added fast relatively go up year of the corresponding period is low pick up significantly to 7.66% to 2016 before 3 quarters.

The sea connects Tang Ling of negotiable securities analyst to introduce, dress child the industry was faced with demand to grow lack of power external environment since 4 quarters 2011 oneself, but the necessity that the enterprise inside course of study just began generally to realize the strategy is adjusted 2012, as a result of cost of hire, manpower go tall ceaselessly, expense holds earlier stage as before when fast dilate inertial, in income low growth premise falls, net profit of be a burden on is quick be issued to lower levels. Below premise of small 2013 cardinal number, industry whole outstanding achievement still glided compared to the same period 2014, income is added together – 2.48% , net is added together – 14.95% , in discount Qing Dynasty the influence of inventory falls, wool interest rate continues be issued to lower levels, reflected consumptive market adequately pressure of battalion of already of the look forward to below exhausted weak environment. However, since 2015, on one hand, accompany channel to decrease after losing (the processing inventory, store that closes gain ability difference) the nature that improvement of index of the natural disposition inside terminal brings resumes sexual growth, on the other hand, bibcock enterprise uses resource dominant position, active position transition, patulous profit orientation, or to industrial catenary freely outspread, aggrandizement scope effect, income is added fast time.

Look in Tang Ling, accompany early days discount to clear the abidance of inventory is advanced, level of interest rate of industry whole wool is relatively stable, but because 2015 second half of the year have partial company,the dimensions of business of rate of other small gross profit expands quickly, press low whole standard relatively. Dress spending market shuffles through the brand reach a structure to upgrade, demand end improves a trend to show, accompany early days inventory to go out clear, shop is adjusted show effect, expense ratio is reduced somewhat, drive industry net profit to lead 3 quarters to come true to grow compared to the same period first.

Tang Ling speaks of, current, dress child the industry accompanies channel to decrease after losing, the nature that elevator belt of index of the natural disposition inside terminal comes to restores a gender grow; bibcock enterprise to spend promotion trend to fall centrally in the market, what occupy portion to expand bring additional increment; and send an enterprise to use resource dominant position first, active position transition, outstanding achievement is added fast improve continuously compared to the same period.