FST opens the dual class compressor that hang, energy-saving 22% so simple

Published on 2018-06-21



Appear on the market as this companyProject of 45 thousand tons of section builds dilate of put into production and increase production of year after year of item of polyamide fibber fiber. The client compresses air to make dosage big, occupy a factory to use electric scale tall, compress aircrew to grow as fixed number of year formerly can effect is sent more low, genadengfu is efficient group plan replaces two class compressor its are original after aircrew, implementation is energy-saving 3.98 million RMB, actual can country of effect level excel one class can effect standard.

1 client is basic circumstance

This Inc. is the industry that home covers aggregate, filature, knitting and printing and dyeing exclusively, annual produce is made an appointment with5 billion yuan.

2FST advantage is seen without exception

Outstanding and efficient two class compress lead plane

Reach a nation one class can effect standard

Lubricate compulsively make systematic maintenance-free

Discharge adjustment is perfect comfortable match overall

More than The energy resources of 18% is economic


Circumstance of 3 specific application

The company is original compressor group is in can effect respect already caught up with produce patulously ceaselessly can, become the main obstacle that restricts total production cost to reduce.

Compress aircrew to add up to formerly14

International is banner brand PiaoGA200-GA250 8 stage

International is banner brand PiaoEP300 6 stage

Systematic Piao is divided into7bar 8bar 12.5bar 3 systems

The client just is compared through how, na Dengfu of case of make choice of is efficient two class reduce unit program, replace existing compressor group, reduce cost in order to come true to enhance the target of product competition ability continuously.

Blessing program is entered south case11 aircrew

FST250 5 stage of Gardner Denver Piao

VST220 6 stage of Gardner Denver Piao

Systematic Piao is divided into7bar 8bar 12.5bar 3 systems

We are passed5 FST aircrew is used at satisfying fundamental air feed, 6 VST aircrew is used at satisfying wave motion to use gas. Predicting implementation year is energy-saving 4.02 million RMB (year use time 8600 hours, charge of electricity 0.75 yuan / degree) , among them FST aircrew adds up to energy-saving 2.57 million RMB / year.

FST add up to brings 2.57 million yuan / year charge of electricity is managing

The spot is transformed after finishing, the factory installed ammeter and flowmeter to undertake to every machine fractional energy savingsOf 2 months dog actual measurement, test form reachs a nation one class can effect level, more average than original flight crew energy-saving rise 22.8% . SGS undertook energy-saving reinspect, SGS issue can unit of effect report indication FST is real can country of effect level excel one class can effect standard.

Use nowadays14Month, machine performance is steady. According to the client actual production platoon produces a situation, data of n of client actual measurement, effective year is energy-saving more than39810 thousand.


Popular science little knowledge

SGS is Societe Generale De Surveillance S.A. abbreviation, chinese interpret goes for “ general notarization”Headquarters is in Swiss Geneva, chinese branch calls “ to connect mark standard technology to serve limited company ”


4 about Genadengfu

The group establishs Genadengfu at1859, headquarters is located in American Wisconsin Mierwoji city. Be subordinate to of blessing industry group is ascended to belong to Yu Gena to publish blessing group south case, it is the whole world banner air compressor, fan and vacuum technique supplier, we are offerred reliable, efficient, energy-saving product, contented and numerous the demand that make and processes a trade, include chemical industry, medicine, general industry, food drink, environmental protection, construction industry. The manufacturer that comes from world each district and terminal user depend on us to offer business solution for them. The group serves consciousness and profound and original application knowledge by right of global cooperation, intense client, overall after service is provided inside global limits, the product that is us provides service and support.

Understanding is more about blessing information is being published south case, the product combination that experiences we are comprehensive, top-ranking and numerous industry application ask a visit:

Sell a hot line: (+ 86) 400-168-8866

Telephone exchange phone: (+ 86) 21 3127 6300
Service mailbox: Sales.cn@gardnerdenver.com


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