Spin garment industry invests strategy: Labyrinthian before window theres is no lack of in travel

Published on 2019-05-11


Core viewpoint:

The industry went 2016 situation review: Integral performance is flat

Spin garment industry is absolutely 2016 yield – 8.69% , with A whole agrees basically, among them spin makes edition piece absolutely yield – 6.89% , good at clothing is retail of edition piece – 9.94% .

Spin made 2017: Continue attention devalues and cotton price rises to be collected from 15 years since changing, the RMB devalues even more 11% , devalue hopeful increases export income, enhance exporter to taste competition ability, benefit good outcome is occupied than controlling modelling company high. Suffer changeover of supply demand relations, country store cotton is cast store under expect an impact, 16 years domestic cotton price rises considerably. As cast store advance, country store the cotton influence to the market decrescent, and pily market demand is in in keep for a long time stable, supply side cultivates area and atrophy of crop trend sex, hopeful of long-term cotton price grows steadily in, enterprise of bibcock of spin of benefit good convention.

Clothing is retail 2017: Supply catenary conformity to promote efficiency, consumption upgrades below the big environment that brings structural sex opportunity to consume not clear improvement, pay close attention to two direction: It is to supply catenary conformity, reduce intermediate link loss, promotion efficiency; 2 it is consumption upgrades, consumer more the structural sex opportunity that pursuit character, individuation brings. Among them, supply catenary conformity side, efficiency of interior management promotion and offer tripartite management to serve to all have tremendous progress space external. Consumption upgrades respect, above all baby child industry, 2 embryoes policy is unlocked completely will promote a new life the amount grows considerably, industry hopeful lasts boom; next domestic luxury consumption is finished periodic adjust, light excessive most be benefited first demand of the 3rd individuation aids; push stylist brand to develop, and achieve platform to settle sale for stylist and consumer in all, trade wait for pain spot, the brand outside the four seas of tremendous; extends market space Chinese market offerred; of capacious development space to industry of electric business acting operation the 5th high speed crosses business of condition import cable into what grow, duty changes new politics pattern of competition of industry of hopeful heavy model.

Hold a state-owend enterprise to reform a process to accelerate the investment opportunity that relevant company brings inside the industry to reform how-to file to what refine from document of creed sex policy, all the more of method of state-owend enterprise reform is clear, begin as partial state-owend enterprise pilot, reform already entered policy to carry out level. 17 years of relevant countries endowment reform movement rate will be accelerated apparently, bring opportunity of a lot of investment to the industry. The center look forward to that suggests attention enters pilot list reachs the local state-owend enterprise with reform rapid feed rate.

Investment is politic

Spin makes: Recommend 1) to underestimate steady growth of value outstanding achievement, be benefited the enterprise that exchange rate devalues or cotton price rises, if color of Lu Tai A, China inspire confidence in sb is spun, ;2) of share of hair of stock of day of inspire confidence in sb, new wild spin, couplet is benefited the Shen Da stock that Shanghai country changes. Clothing is retail: A;2)PEG<1 of the Hai Lan that recommends improvement of hopeful of 1) outstanding achievement, be benefited the search that the transition of;3) of dark horse dress of baby child economy supplies catenary government at especially;3) is abroad the Luo Lai that buys the song force that makes light excessive group to think of;4) transition to live in the life lives and;5) of dream clean share is benefited the border that center look forward to reforms China group;6) .

Risk clew

RMB exchange rate appreciates; cotton price drops; consumption lasts low confuse pattern of; new business to manage risk;