The United States exits TPP to have what effect to exit of testing instrument of our country spin

Published on 2018-06-21


Cross agreement of concern of Pacific Ocean associate (Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement) , also be called economic north to make an appointment with, it is at present multilateral economy negotiation organizes important international, predecessor is to cross agreement of concern of associate of economy of Pacific Ocean strategy (Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement, p4) . It is Shikoku of the New Zealand in organizing member country by Asia-Pacific economy collaboration, Singapore, Chile and Brunei initiate, begin the free trade agreement of a group of when brew multilateral relations from 2002, original name Asia-Pacific free-trade area, the commerce that aims to promote Asia-Pacific area liberalizes. Price fall of product, service can be brought between TPP member country, content sheds speed to increase, each country can learn from others’s strong points to offset his weakness, consumer is one of the directest person that be benefited. But commerce is opened is a Shuang Renjian all the time, the domain is benefited, the domain gets hurt. The interest of the national interest of member country or certain property may get accordingly the concussion of his country, this one problem is highlighted especially in custom duty respect.

TPP negotiates only then in March 2010, the negotiation forms by two kinds of big content: It is the domain; that 12 negotiations such as regulation of intellectual property protection participate in a country to decide together 2 if some kind of commodity imports the bilateral negotiation domain such as custom duty derate,be.

On October 5, 2015, cross agreement of concern of associate of economy of Pacific Ocean strategy (TPP) obtains materiality breakthrough eventually, the United States, Japan and other country of 10 extensive Pacific Ocean is reached with respect to TPP consistent. 12 proportion that participate in a country to add up place takes global economy were achieved 40% . Other to nearly 18000 sort goods reduces TPP general or derate custom duty.

On Feburary 4, 2016, 12 countries are in the United States, Japan, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peruvian, Singapore and Vietnam Oakland was signed formally cross Pacific Ocean associate concern agreement (TPP) agreement.

Recently, after Telangpu announces to appear on the stage will exit TTP formally, temporarily between cause a mighty uproar. TTP is the English abbreviation that crosses agreement of concern of Pacific Ocean associate, it is one is initiated by New Zealand, Singapore, Chile and Brunei Shikoku, begin the free trade agreement of a group of when brew multilateral relations from 2002, and this trade agreement acquiesces to be dominant by the United States all the time.

This one decision of Telangpu, will bring huge profit for China. The commerce criterion such as the 0 custom duty of TTP, china can not be accomplished at present, because of this this one agreement all the time since be considered as the United States to use the tool that copes with Chinese economy. To this, china is active also dominant by east 10 countries start league, through reducing custom duty and non tariff barrier, build 16 countries to unite the RCEP of free trade agreement of the market, will contend with this the United States is elbowed out to Chinese commerce.

Standard group thinks, can see by the analysis above, TPP is be aimed at foreign trade of Asia-Pacific area China elbow out, TPP member included an Asia to divide the whole country beyond China almost, especially at present area of industry of southeast Asia spin, if TPP agreement reachs will serious to journey of our country foreign trade challenge, at present our country is spin big country, wait for a lot of craft to be the same as to finished product and design from spin raw material Euramerican the connection that having countless ties with southeast Asia country, of this TPP agreement put forward to aim by American dominant cross associate of economy of Pacific Ocean strategy concern agreement, compose establishs the activity of trade of bilateral mutually beneficial between member country, weaken international trade actual strength of China thereby, among them the influence that of be the first to be affected is spin industry, if TPP agreement is reached, exit of our country textile is Euramerican related to southeast Asia trade dealings will be faced with more limitation and custom duty promotion to wait, the advantage progress in international trade glides, this is the fact that place of whole spin industry does not wish to see of course.

Standard group the bibcock enterprise as industry of spin testing instrument, the menace of TPP foreign trade exit to spin instrument is self-evident, transfer as Chinese industry at present, numerous spin enterprise removes factory and manufacturing base to area of southeast Asia etc, the industry of spin testing instrument that serves as indigenous industry so follows to develop as spin enterprise necessarily, the foreign trade exit of spin testing instrument is imperative, the failure that this TPP plans is told to industry of spin testing instrument is the news with good profit, this will export the difficulty of corresponding country and limitation to reduce for foreign trade of spin testing instrument, reducing foreign trade of spin instrument company distinct advantage is had on exit cost.