Beautiful couplet store add breath, is China spun take exit to erupt are type growth or financial environment exasperate?

Published on 2018-06-21


Beijing time on December 15 before dawn, beautiful couplet moves interval of target of federal fund interest rate on Chu Xuan cloth 25 base point, move to 0.50%~0.75% from 0.25%~0.5% namely. This is come to the beauty one year couplet store add for the first time breath, also be come 10 years (epicycle adds breath cycle) add the 2nd times breath. Beautiful couplet store chairman Ye human relations (Janet Yellen) expresses, add this ceasing is beautiful couplet only on road of Chu Li rate very small adjust. Implication, beautiful 2017 couplet store may again or add for many times breath. Beautiful couplet store add the influence that ceases to reach market of stock market debt to business of flow direction of capital of whole international market, foreign trade to not allow to underestimate, so, will our country textile get accordingly what kind of influence? Suffer those who rise to anticipated to after increasing interest number, be obtained 2017 is great carry brace up, dollar instant violent wind rises since coming 14 years high point, and rising market money falls defeat to drop considerably piece new low. Beautiful couplet store add those who cease to make the RMB devalues to come for a time is low, from theoretic tell, this to export business it is the price the profit on competition is good, be helpful for increasing the our country export to the United States, especially the exit of the industry business such as spin, dress, but raw material of spin company share and the entrance cost that produce a tool will rise subsequently. And current condition issues beautiful couplet store add the breath influence to Chinese textile to still require comprehensive analysis.

Above all, the cost that imports beautiful cotton, bay cotton to wait for cotton of advanced course high grade rises. Index of US stock, dollar suffers beautiful couplet store add of breath drive considerably Pan Pansheng, the pressure that includes the burgeoning country devaluation such as the RMB is outstanding, entrance cost carries ceaselessly litre, go against the heavy goods entrance such as cotton. Consider Telangpu be elected as the political environment that changed monetary policy, deficit increases bring about beautiful couplet store add quickly breath, because this has the cotton inside 1% custom duty to import business of the textile mills of quota, import to be in nearly a few probably,the autograph of month of cotton outside increasing makes an appointment with entrance strength, lock up cost of calm entrance raw material as soon as possible. Opposite of course Yu Meimian, bay cotton, purchase Indian cotton, Wu Ci to fasten Kesitan the cotton effect that suffers dollar index to rise considerably is not big (each country money is to devalue to the dollar) .

Next, the entrance imprints cling to, the gauze outside the producing area such as Vietnam and grey effect are not apparent. From the point of investigation, factory of our country weaving, trafficker purchases southeast Asia bombazine since 2015 is to issue sheet to give cotton mill directly commonly, circle the trading company outside found a state or exporter basically, and give priority to in order to sign gauze of goods of fix a date (the about 70% above in the Vietnam gauze of the entrance are Chinese enterprise in Vietnam investment builds a factory to sell back a domestic) , buyers and sellers negotiates directly, the avoid on certain level the risk with dollar fluctuant exchange rate, but because of bilateral money devalue extent abhorrent or adjust direction likely abhorrent, because of purchasing a company to China this 2017 character, shorten as far as possible sheet period, lading delivers the goods or negotiate a lock to decide exchange rate with foreign cotton mill ahead of schedule more be helpful for entrance of yarn, grey.

Again, beautiful couplet store add cease and do not mean outlet of Chinese textile clothing to erupt the opportunity comes. Although the United States points to,climb ceaselessly, the trend that the RMB devalues continuously is inevitable (before the expert suggests to assumed office on January 20 in Telangpu, the RMB devalues reach the designated position) , be helpful for our country exit achieving collect, textile clothing outlet rebounds quickly, but those who need an attention is the near future the country such as Euramerican day early or late agreement of WTO of tear to shreds, reject to admit position of market economy country, still use in turning over a dumping replace a country the practice of the price, accordingly Euramerican 2017 the way that the home made product in waiting for a developed country to be opposite barrier of trade of import of layer upon layer setting, often has turning over a dumping the measure, home made product in weakening exports competition ability and channel general more unbridled; and because increased the time of breath 2017 dot, add breath strength to have very big, china is spun take company of enterprise, foreign trade to need be ready in take action.

From long-term in light of, beautiful couplet store add this breath will bring a lot of inaccuracy to decide an element to Chinese textile. Li Haifeng of division of economy of Bank of China thinks, beautiful couplet store add this breath, the outflow that quickens capital. From 2016 the beginning of the year, world each country is carry brace up native economy and think method to attract capital, and arrived the end of the year, of the United States add the capital that ceases to will bring about each country again to flow to changeover.