Energy resources of compressor of screw of double frequency conversion of VST dual class is economic be as high as 30%

Published on 2018-06-21

 Energy resources of compressor of screw of double frequency conversion of VST dual class is economic be as high as 30%


Energy resources is economic be as high as 30% ! VST series is efficient machine of pneumatics of dual class double frequency conversion, have outstanding can effect expression and stability, it is air system energy-saving fall the first selection of bad news! – contract the sources of energy manages ” EMC project “


Outstanding can effect

Year energy resources is economic be as high as 30% , charge of electricity is economic be as high as 400 thousand

Year charge of electricity is comparative: With43m³/min@8bar, taste two class to save 129 thousand yuan than contest. When 70% bear, taste only course every year to save 407 thousand yuan than contest, taste two class to save 236 thousand yuan than contest. (move every year 8000 hours, charge of electricity is monovalent 0.68 yuan / degree)


Outstanding performance


Efficient and energy-saving

Lead plane of two class independence, drive of dual class frequency conversion

Drop than specific power consumption of only course unit 30%

International character

International is banner design, euramerican entrance component

Agglomeration exceeds industrial experience of 156 years

Intelligence is clever

Intelligence is friendly interface, the operation is safeguarded simple

10 minutes master an operation to maintain a method namely


The two course with independent series connection compress lead plane

Screw of line of large size actor low rotate speed

Match class to cool efficient fuel injection system

Bring the energy conservation of more than 15%

IE 3 class is efficient frequency conversion advocate electric machinery

Bear of 20% – 100% is efficient

IP54 of H class insulation defends grade

It is design of burden of abominable operating mode only



Drive of frequency conversion of independence of ambipolar electric machinery

Full-time assures constant voltage of two class lead plane

The axis sheds drive of frequency conversion of fan electric machinery

Bring experience of loud energy-saving low noise


AirSmartTM intelligence is controlled

Interface of Chinese menu man-machine is friendly

Intelligence turns systematic surveillance and control

The operation expands interface is abounded simply



Contract the sources of energy manages


VST is efficient the sources of energy that compressor of screw of dual class double frequency conversion is as high as 30% saves the edge tool that reaching outstanding stability is project of contract energy management.


Will pay energy-saving project total cost with reductive energy cost

Those who allow a client to use future is energy-saving be benefited to upgrade for factory and equipment, in order to reduce current moving cost

With the energy-saving benefit of affirmatory and energy-saving project, contract the means of integral energy cost provides energy-saving service for the client

Cooperative means

Energy-saving gross assures model; Energy cost is mandatory model

Energy-saving benefit is shared model; The combination that is based on above


Understand more contract the sources of energy to administer detail

Consult our expert please: Neil He 18516223521


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