Innovation of idea of acute of resource of catenary of industry of whole world of be well versed in digs golden United States

Published on 2018-06-21

— fair of trade of garment of textile of the 18th China (new York) kick off

The United States local time on July 17, fair of trade of garment of the 18th China textile (new York) and fabrics of clothing of TEXWORLD of American new York is exhibited, dress of new York international is purchased exhibit (Apparel Sourcing USA) and home of new York international are spun purchase exhibit (new York of “ of a general designation exhibits ”) to be in American new York under Home Textiles Sourcing)(Gu Weici can be exhibited. Current exhibit meeting dimensions to break through 30 thousand square metre first, used layer of B1 of Gu Weici center to show field entirely. Exhibit an area to introduce Avanprint(number printing in fabrics first among them) exhibit an area. Current exhibit can come from the country such as China, United States, Canada, Italy, Korea, India, Pakistan, Bengal, Guatemala, Egypt, Turkey and Chinese Hong Kong and Chinese Taiwan area inside nearly 1000 ginseng exhibit business ginseng, reach new York other to exhibit the MRket that the center holds in Gu Weici with the corresponding period, project, premiere Vision New York extend week of spin of new York of this year of can collective composition, deduced the new page that meaning of fashionable spin acute innovates jointly.

Exhibition is sponsorred by federation of Chinese textile industry, branch of industry of spin of stimulative commission of China International trade and Frankfurt exhibition (the United States) the company undertakes jointly, in the fair of trade of 3 three-year institution of higher learning that Chinese ginseng exhibits business to exhibit conglomerate form to embed the corresponding period is held with the house with the country, form exhibition of industrial catenary series.

Kick off that day morning, vice-chairman of federation of Chinese textile industry holds China International commerce concurrently to promote branch of committee spin industry People’s Republic of China of; of standing vice-chairman Mr Xu Yingxin is stationed in Frankfurt of; of Zhang Qiyue of consul general of new York consulate general’s ambassador to exhibit company director Mr. Detlef Braun; Frankfurt exhibits company vice-president Mr. Olaf Schmidt; Frankfurt is exhibited (the United States) company president Mr. Stimulative commission of trade of Dennis Smith; China International is stationed in American delegate place to always represent deputy secretary-general of union of textile industry of China of; of Mr Zhao Zhen case to hold external affairs concurrently to do hurried of trade of China of; of director Yuan Gongping the honored guest such as Lu Yizhong of vice-chairman of council of meeting Suzhou city attends an opening ceremony and cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony.

After opening ceremony ends, xu greets new vice-chairman, consul general group looked round Zhang Qiyue to exhibit meeting. Visited Suzhou brand to exhibit an area too lake snow and embroider woman silk, and act according to Luo Man of Hua Aiyi beauty, Jiangsu Luo Lan, establish new group, Ning Boming of the preeminent company such as bright dress exhibit a stage. Exhibit in what establish new group on, company controller introduced to leader and honored guest this second advocate promote a product, the 4th acting eider down takes fabrics and fabrics of sex of newest and outdoors function to wait for a product. In Jiangsu collect Manluolanji is exhibited roundly on, series new material, new product appears, represented the level of Chinese fabrics business, explained newest trend trend.

When Xu Yingxin vice-chairman is accepting concerned media to be interviewed jointly, express, industry of garment of our country spin is exporting a respect to hold absolutely lead dominant position as before to the beauty, current new York showed an item on display to reflect the industrial catenary pattern with whole industry of Chinese spin garment adequately on one hand, on the other hand industry transition upgrades the effect begins to show, chinese enterprise already to own research and development, use oneself brand to promote additional cost transition, product of exit United States with in low end the times that popular goods of dependable quality gives priority to has made the history.

Hold the market to anabiosis wave band, exhibit meeting platform to aid force foreign trade to pick up impetus

The trade data that American Department of Commerce published on June 2 shows, the United States imported textile dress in April 7.727 billion dollar, increase compared to the same period 0.59% . And import textile dress from China 2.623 billion dollar, increase compared to the same period 6.59% , annulus comparing increases 36.54% , occupy the United States to import total share 33.95% . Visible, it is good that company of Chinese spin clothing receives benefit to beautiful commerce. Additional in June the middle ten days of a month, beautiful couplet store FOMC conference publishs interest rate resolution and policy statement, federal fund interest rate is added breath 25 base point. To exit enterprise also be main interest good.