Fair of trade of garment of textile of the 18th China is held in new York

Published on 2018-06-21

New York local time on July 17, fair of trade of garment of textile of the 18th China and fabrics of clothing of TEXWORLD of American new York are exhibited, dress of new York international is purchased exhibit and home of new York international is spun purchase exhibit (new York of “ of the following a general designation exhibits ”) to be in American new York Gu Weici can exhibit a center to pull open heavy curtain. Vice-chairman of federation of Chinese textile industry holds China International commerce concurrently to promote branch of committee spin industry standing vice-chairman Xu Yingxin, People’s Republic of China is stationed in director of company of exhibition of Zhang Qiyue of consul general of new York consulate general’s ambassador, Frankfurt Detelefu · Bo Lang, .

Current exhibition is sponsorred by federation of Chinese textile industry, branch of industry of spin of stimulative commission of China International trade and branch of United States of Frankfurt exhibition company undertake, exhibition period is 3 days. Come from the country such as China, United States, Canada, Italy, Korea, India, Pakistan, Bengal, Guatemala, Egypt and Turkey, and Chinese Hong Kong and Chinese Taiwan area inside nearly 1000 ginseng exhibit business ginseng. Current exhibit the market item that meet and shows a center to hold in Gu Weici and new York other with the corresponding period (Market Project) and vision of new York first show (Premiere Vision New York) extend week of spin of new York of this year of can collective composition, in the fair of trade of 3 three-year institution of higher learning that Chinese ginseng exhibits business to exhibit conglomerate form to embed the corresponding period is held with the house with the country, form exhibition of industrial catenary series.

“ this second exhibit before can sharing nearly 1000 when come from 14 countries and area to postpone business, will join exhibit, showpiece dimensions breaks through 30 thousand square metre first, each country is high grade exhibited business to all bring accord with in the swim and the newest product that purchase a trend, exhibit an area to introduce digital printing to exhibit an area in fabrics first. Xu Yingxin of vice-chairman of federation of ” China textile industry made above introduction when the speech. He says, this second new York exhibits flourishingly posture, revealed what international spin colleague exhibits to new York adequately to approbate with reliance.

Favor of director of Frankfurt exhibition company is special Bo Lang of Le Fu · says, new York is exhibited conduct the result that already obtained hearten making a person up to now. For example, the ginseng that fabrics of clothing of new York TEXWORLD exhibits exhibits quotient quantity and photograph comparing increased 2016 18% , attend dress of new York international to purchase exhibit and home of new York international is spun purchase the ginseng that exhibit to exhibited business to increase respectively 29% with 32% . He expresses, if do not have China such partner, won’t gain such success.

Xu Yingxin says, the United States is the essential commerce associate with Chinese inseparable textile not only, the core that also is layout of international of Chinese spin enterprise pays close attention to a country. Fair of trade of Chinese textile garment regards Sino-US textile trade as one of main platform of the butt joint, the investment that will promoting textile of Sino-US two countries to provide deepness and range more produces bigger effect in collaboration.

China is stationed in Zhang Qiyue of new York consul general’s ambassador to express, fair of trade of Chinese textile garment witnessed the saltant type development of trade of Sino-US textile garment not only, also witnessed the great progress that trade of Sino-US and bilateral classics concerns. She says, trade of “ Sino-US classics cooperates to bring real interest to two countries people not only, highlight the essence of mutual benefit win-win, also make important contribution to promote world economy to develop. ”