Growth is close in October before equipment of printing and dyeing of fontal city spin is imported double

Published on 2018-06-21

The reporter examines from condition of discrepancy of Fujian spring city quarantine bureau learns, 2016 1~10 month, condition of discrepancy of Fujian spring city examines quarantine bureau examines in all equipment of printing and dyeing of superintendency entrance spin 87 batches, 814, goods is worth fifty-one million four hundred and thirty-nine thousand five hundred dollar, grow 148.57% respectively compared to the same period, 196% with 191.57% , no matter be quantity of number of feed inlet, still be money worth all increases nearly double compared to the same period.

As we have learned, equipment basically imports these spin to wait for a country from Germany, Italy, Japan, all be the more advanced equipment on international. Make up horizontal stroke of jacquard weave of machine, computer to make up machine of printing of ink jet of machine, number to wait like the computer horizontal stroke that imports from Germany, Japan, not only automation degree tall, function is energy-saving and reliable, efficient, and abounded product structure, raised product class and additional cost, improved efficiency effectively also at the same time. With south the computer horizontal stroke that profit group introduces 2043 Japan is made up machine for exemple, not only pattern grow in quantity, automation rate is high, and realize manufacturing standardization, percent of pass rises substantially, and efficiency can raise 6~8 times.

In addition, before this year 10 months recommend company of printing and dyeing of fontal city spin in all the equipment of our country Taiwan that 162 stage, goods are worth 4.03 million dollar, among them stage number rises 96.68% compared to the same period, basically have coloring opportunity, finalize the design equipment of processing of fiber of machine, spin, relatively European Union equipment has overt price advantage, and have an operation simple, maintenance is convenient wait for a characteristic.

Industry of garment of fontal city spin introduces strength through increasing advanced spin facility, quicken machine substitution pace, improve manufacturing efficiency and product quality, be helpful for race to control domestic and international market, shoe of farther stimulative spin takes industry health to develop.