course of study of trading company of phone of dress of 2015-2016 year China reports release

Published on 2018-06-21

Introduction: 2015-2016 year, the earliest category that dress involves as electric business solemns to had made scale the biggest, expand mature trade. On December 26, electric business family status, Internet + research center of business affairs of electron of wisdom library China (100EC.CN) heavy pound released ” course of study of trading company of phone of dress of 2015-2016 year China reports ” (detailed sees special subject: ) , the development of business of cable of dress of deepness explore analyse.

120.7 billion, 2016 day cat double carnival of 11 whole worlds decides case finally hereat, the most important dress board piece more outstanding achievement is breathtaking, actor garment library used 2 minutes of 53 seconds to break through 100 million yuan, create a record again, not only make dress kind defeat 100 million brands the most quickly, also be day cat double 11 defeat 100 million brands the most quickly. Traditional line issues group of brand dark horse, waxwing group to make clothing with 616 million yuan with 650 million yuan kind order is the largest win the home, and garment of Han Dou of electric commodity card is abandoned, mattress graceful, the garment tastes a day to become withdraw house second line. It is under the contrast of outstanding achievement, company of the clothing below traditional line is weighed for an instant it seems that shine opportunity of survival, suffer fully chase after hold in both hands, and electric commodity card criterion, have the feeling of kind of withered in wind.

2015-2016 year what did dress cable business experience after all? Report wait for 6 respects from feature of dress cable business, data, mode, problem, countermeasure, trend all-around research, let us the secret from backside of the dug in next graphs.

2016 day cat double on 11 evening parties, the star that half recreation encircles arrived, super goddess Lin Zhiling is oneself the dust coat that wear sends a netizen more, and be throw magically in the mobile phone directly. This one link used AR reality to enhance a technology, every user clicks the movement that grabs the dress and exact time to be able to be recorded by the server, put in award pool to unite finally shake award. Be born of new technology of VR, AR ceaselessly and apply, will let intelligent shift terminal bring larger imaginary space to dress electron business affairs, if Buy+ primary edition, Beijing is rolled out in A east PCL lab, necessary go up technology of line AR shopping experience.

Feature of business of NO.1 dress cable

Retail market brand changes the network the trend is clear, the netizen’s network shops preference all the more is mature, while consumption upgrades and social transition is driving transition of shopkeeper industry pattern, also will spin for dress home bring scotoma of a lot of consumption and new commercial opportunity. Network of research center of Chinese electron business affairs is retail department head, advanced blueness of analyst Mo Dai thinks dress cable business existed 2015 the following big features:

Feature one: Momentum of development of business affairs of B2B dress electron is strong

Business affairs of B2B dress electron holds main position, development carries move to shift from PC end. Through convenient change, the fragment is changed, individuation, intelligence is changed wait for a characteristic to enlarge application. There are many B2B to trade in spin dress combinative place, effect has in supplying catenary finance to be in. If bird of announce good news rolls out company level,conduct financial transactions of loan of much money impawn is produced article. Develop quickly as what cross condition cable business additionally, become a La Hai of domain of spin dress B2B.

Feature 2: Clean out brand battalion to close increase profit margin year after year to drop

In dress retail industry whole is low below confused condition, sexual price compares the important standard that makes product of consumer preference dress. The swift and violent dilate that cleans out a brand explained this is nodded it seems that.

The Han Dou garment 2008 abandons growing career very fast, when newly established year sale 3 million yuan, group 40 people, to 2014, these two numbers already were added respectively reach 1.5 billion yuan, 2600 people. Mixed 2014 2015, income of industry of billeting of Han Dou garment mixes 1.26 billion yuan for 831 million yuan respectively.

Battalion controlled the group that collect the United States 2013 590 million yuan, battalion received 950 million yuan 2014, battalion received 1.14 billion yuan 2015, business income of nearly 3 years appears the growth of certain level, but 2014 and grew 60.73% compared to the same period 2015, 20.35% , add fast appear to put delay apparently.

See from this clean out a brand swift and violent dilate hides rear the crisis.

Feature 3: Development of dress cable business enters autumn

2015, development of dress cable business enters opposite autumn. In the meantime, dress is put in very apparent season end feature, annual the first, four quarters are sale busy season, the 2nd, 3 quarters are off-season; at the same time we also can see pair of sales on the net of 11 pairs of dress urge action apparent.