In December 2016 findings report of cotton spinning company

Published on 2018-06-21

In December, spin company production manages basic stability, switch on the mobile phone rate relatively will add slightly in November, match cotton comparing to be decreased slightly, quantity of daily expense cotton keeps balance basically. Because draw near the Spring Festival, spin enterprise holds manufactured goods small stock as far as possible, after most enterprise is a section, normal go into operation increases raw material to purchase, stocks of whole of lunar base cotton rises. In using cotton entirely that month, xinjiang cotton proportion rises, entrance cotton is used occupy than decreasing. Gauze produce and sale relatively change is not big in November, grey market level still not as good as yarn. To the whole nation according to system of information of Chinese cotton early-warning 90 decide bit of spin company findings to show, yarn crop will decrease compared to the same period in December 0.5% , among them pure bombazine is occupied increase compared to the same period than reducing yield of cloth of 1.39 percent; 1.19% , pure cotton cloth is occupied than reducing 1.74 percent.

One, inventory of sale of production of gauze, cloth changes all not quite

Spin enterprise will switch on the mobile phone in December rate appreciably increases, ring of produce and sale of gauze, cloth is not bigger than change. That month, bombazine price is relatively stable, much move of centre of gravity of spin company job comes up to steam again capital, the sale maintains early days level, inventory of lunar base yarn is decreased slightly. Because grey prices whole is exhausted weak, the sale owes beautiful, inventory increases somewhat. Be shown by data of investigation spin industry according to the whole nation: That month, yarn crop annulus is compared decrease 0.63% , among them, pure bombazine is occupied than for 71.31% , relatively on the month reduces 0.85 percent, blending gauze is occupied than for 20.23% , relatively on the month increases annulus of crop of cloth of 1.15 percent; than dropping 0.32% , among them, pure cotton cloth is occupied than reducing 1.64 percent. That month, yarn sale rate is 100.1% , relatively change is not big in November, relatively the corresponding period increased 1.84 percent last year. Lunar base, yarn inventory makes an appointment with 15 days half, relatively on the month reduces; grey inventory a long time about 28 days half, relatively on the month increases make an appointment with a long time.

2, bombazine price is stable, the enterprise is produced normally

December, price of domestic cotton futures fluctuates somewhat, pily merchandise on hand stabilizes stability of price of; home bombazine relatively, gauze fluctuates somewhat outside, bombazine whole sale is passable, but because home spins factory whole to use cotton cost still tall, most breed does not have profit almost, at present the enterprise is given priority to with keeping normal production. That month, homebred average price is monthly of 32 pure bombazine 23164 yuan / ton, relatively in November month all value increases 284 yuan / ton, amplitude imports gauze monthly for 1.26%; average price makes an appointment with 22752 yuan / ton, annulus comparing increases 2.14% .

3, inventory of spin company raw material increases, border cotton uses specific gravity to rise

In December, inventory of the raw material after partial spin enterprise is Spring Festival section prepares, purchase appropriately. Measure computation according to be being mixed to use cotton by stocks of investigation enterprise cotton, end on December 30, measure of inventory of industry of cotton of countrywide spin enterprise is controlled for six hundred and forty-four thousand three hundred tons, predict to control dosage for 32 days. Among them, the company number that increases pily reserve is occupied 47% , reduce pily inventory occupy 38% , support wait-and-see attitude occupy 15% .

Xinjiang cotton makes dosage increases that month. Investigation data shows, xinjiang cotton is used occupy than 77.59% , relatively on the month increases 3.63 percent, the company that adds Xinjiang cotton to use an amount among them is occupied than about 28% , those who reduce use amount occupy compare than importing cotton to occupy for 24%; 16.36% , relatively on the month reduces 1.01 percent, the enterprise that reduces use amount among them is occupied 24% , the company that adds entrance cotton to use an amount is occupied 16% .

4, domestic spending increases compared to the same period

According to the data of center of news of trade of China whole nation, 50 keys of countrywide are large and retail December the dress in enterprise turnover kind turnover implementation is growing compared to the same period, and add fast prep above to go up year of the corresponding period, 2016 annual dress kind turnover grows 0.2% compared to the same period, add fast relatively increased 0.6 percent 2015.