The apple will raid, ascend happy overturn the heavens of ceremony of blessing a person of extraordinary powers!

Published on 2018-06-21

Genadengfu this compartment is civilized!

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IPhone7, IPad, millet hand annulus is much weigh great gift to wait for you to take!

Of double great gift recommend civilized: Seek advice to compress air solution or be offerred purchase project information to have reward!

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Series of blessing FM flying horse is published south case small-sized air compressor is reliable, compact, be efficient! Have 07KW-75KW at present in all 10 norms.

Kang Puai of card of blessing banner inferior is ascended not to have oily machine compressor south case 100% do not have silicon without oil, energy-saving, environmental protection! Redefine is efficient and energy-saving!

Mobile time: On July 28 – made public justice to assure lottery activity on August 28, we are used 17100 period the large award result that double chromosphere opens award result to serve as this second activity, 2 dimension code understands scanning upper part specific game is regular. We will ascend date of public of small letter of blessing machinery ” to announce news of bear the palm in “ on August 28, pay close attention to continuously please! Already paid close attention to Guan Wei’s friend, can click Guan Wei attention of function key “ is respectful”Win take IPad large award!

This * activity explains authority puts in Genadengfu ‘s charge finally all.

The group established Genadengfu 1859, headquarters is located in American Wisconsin Mierwoji city. Be subordinate to of blessing industry group is ascended to belong to Yu Gena to publish blessing group south case, it is the whole world banner air compressor, fan and vacuum technique supplier, we are offerred reliable, efficient, energy-saving product, contented and numerous the demand that make and processes a trade, include chemical industry, medicine, general industry, food drink, environmental protection, construction industry. The manufacturer that comes from world each district and terminal user depend on us to offer business solution for them. The group serves consciousness and profound and original application knowledge by right of global cooperation, intense client, overall after service is provided inside global limits, the product that is us provides service and support.

Understanding is more about blessing information is being published south case, the product combination that experiences we are comprehensive, top-ranking and numerous industry application ask a visit:

Sell a hot line: (+ 86) 400-168-8866

Telephone exchange phone: (+ 86) 21 3127 6300

Service mailbox: