Chemical fibber industry 935 develop directive opinion print and distribute

Published on 2018-06-21


Website of ministry of the letter that occupy class 9 days of messages, industry letter ministry, hair changes appoint print and distribute ” chemical fibber industry opinion of 935 development guidance ” . The opinion puts forward, 935 during, chemical fibber industry continues to maintain steadily healthy growth, chemical fibber difference is changed rate is annual increase a percent, fiber of high-powered fiber, biology radical chemistry is produced effectively can expand further. Own innovation ability promotes apparently, to 2020, large and medium-sized defray of funds of business research and development is occupied advocate proportion of business Wu income by current 1% rise 1.2% , invent patent accredit to measure year all grow 15% , the level of technology of groovy fiber breed such as fiber of element of polyester fibber, polyamide fibber, regenerated fiber continues to hold world lead position, the high-powered fiber such as fiber of polyethylene of quantity of element of carbon fiber, fragrant black silk ribbon, freeboard and biology base chemical fiber achieves international basically advanced level, form a batch of large company groups that have international competition ability. Green makes a level promote further, the unit increases value specific power consumption, water consumption, main contaminant to discharge etc achieve a country to restrain sexual index and relative standard demand, gross of circular recycle fiber continues to maintain growth, circular recycle system is perfected further. The opinion points out, supportive industry passes transverse combination and perpendicular conformity, achieve the capital fund that put an amount recombine and optimize. The choice with big to dimensions, strong actual strength is right benzene 2 formic acid – amine of the acyl inside polyester enterprise, oneself – polyamide fibber enterprise can adopt industrial chain outspread, implementation refine is changed, the unifinication production of chemical fibber and spin, raise industrial catenary palm to control ability and integrated competition ability. Drive key enterprise to begin international actively to produce can cooperate, in using inferior, treatment of raw material of layout of resource of oil gas of area of middle east and other places, rely on southeast Asia market, the chemical fibber that uses our country to precede makes technology and equipment, form the downstream form a complete set on industrial catenary, active compose builds system of the system of global division of labor that has competitive advantage, innovation of research and development and sale system.

The opinion still puts forward, advance intelligence to make, accelerate two change confluence. Digitlization of exert oneself breakthrough, intelligence changes equipment of chemical fibber whole set to reach make wait for crucial technology, the breakthrough has chemical fibber equipment to design bottleneck, implementation is modular production. The production that contented much breed, high quality, feebleminded bad news, cleanness turns asks, encourage support to develop those who face production of chemical fibber company to make executive system (system of information of system of management of energy resources of MES) , company, business management (platform of service of business affairs of ERP) , electron and system of content couplet network. Strengthen online detect, diagnose remotely and move maintain the development application that waits for a function. Production of production technology of whole technological process of development and design of promotion digitlization technology, digitlization, digitlization manages a technology, the information automation that implements product of high capacity much lot number and product but date from sex. Drive intelligent workshop and intelligent factory are built to set an example in the industry such as polyester fibber, polyamide fibber, study computation of big data, cloud produces the application in whole technological process in chemical fibber.