Chinese textile exports the whole world the first: It is difficult to fear inside 10 years overturn

Published on 2018-06-21


On November 28, international trade center can develop JosephWozniak of commerce project controller to say continuously, since joining WTO from China, china exported a respect to increase 8 times in global textile product, become the biggest textile on the world to export a nation.

Jiang Hui of chairman of chamber of commerce of Chinese textile imports and exports says, china is the biggest spin exports a nation on the world position 10 years in hard by bump.

JosephWozniak and Jiang Hui are what will hold on November 29 is medium Ou Ke supplies what afore-mentioned opinions express on forum of catenary high level continuously.

China and European Union are the whole world main textile export just is mixed consumptive market, textile trade is medium the main component of the commerce side Ou Shuang.

Chinese textile exports dimensions to have 270 billion dollar about, the European Union is discharged the 2nd, have 170 billion dollar about, the 3rd it is India and Bangladesh, have the exit specified number that 3389 dollars control probably.

Since China joins World Trade Organization, especially since global textile trade greeted unifinication of 0 quota period, implementation 2005, in Europe textile commercial scale expands quickly.

According to Chinese custom statistic, 2015, chinese spin dress exports fifty-three billion one hundred and thirty-two million dollar to the European Union, the European Union is right China forehead of spin clothing outlet reachs 40 much dollars, broke up near one time than 2005. 2015, the trading business volume side Ou Shuang is five hundred and sixty-four billion seven hundred and fifty million dollar in. Spin garment trade is occupied in the 1/10 of the commerce side Ou Shuang.

China is the country with the biggest dimensions of global spin industry, also be industrial catenary the country with the most complete, the most all ready class. Chinese spin includes yarn fabrics, dress to wait. 2015, chinese fiber machines a quantity to achieve 53 million tons, occupy world proportion to exceed 50% . The European Union is in the respect such as product research and development, technology, design, brand is had compare a dominant position.

Jiang Hui uses a group of data to make clear, outlet of Chinese spin clothing is in a quantity to add the state that valence reduces at present.

Before this year in October, chinese textile accumulative total exports two hundred and nineteen billion five hundred and forty million dollar, drop compared to the same period 6.5% .

Among them, textile exports the forehead to be 87.34 billion dollar, drop 4.1% . But from the point of the quantity, exporting yarn is 3.41 million tons, grow 14% compared to the same period, among them volume of bombazine line export is 270 thousand tons, it is only without growth almost 0.1% , exit of chemical fibber yarn is 2.52 million tons, grow 20% .

Jiang Hui says, afore-mentioned data make clear, the export volume of Chinese textile is in growth, but trade market share is shown drop posture. That is to say foreign friend bought more things with fewer money.

Jiang Hui speaks of, the external demand with current industry of Chinese spin garment is still good, but trade growth is lack of power, he thinks the commerce pressure of Chinese spin has external cause to also have internal cause already.

From the point of external environment, chamber of commerce of textile imports and exports thinks American economy is good still, europe and Japan are in henceforth in period of time too won’t good, as the golden brick of burgeoning economy system 5 countries develop uneven, and Chinese economy is added fast with photograph comparing will be slow before come down. Jiang Hui says, because cardinal number of consumption of Chinese textile dress is larger, is bad to say.

From home for, textile is produced can increasing ceaselessly. Jiang Hui is with Xinjiang exemple, textile was produced last year can be 8 million ingot, estimation can achieve 15 million ingot next year, add reconstructive, henceforth period of time may achieve 20 million ingot.

According to 2016-2021 year advisory report of demand of market of industry of Chinese spin garment and investment shows, at present spin garment industry of China has many 12 thousand company, have 5000 members that are chamber of commerce of Chinese textile imports and exports.

Jiang Hui says, from industry interior the element looks, textile home is produced can overlay is serious. So far, the yield of 75% can be in China centrally Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong is coastal 5 provinces. Industrial move is slow, produce can overlay is serious, the product basically is in centrally in low end.

China enters consumptive economy period, profit more and more tilt toward terminal. Jiang Hui says, what electric business and net buy is arisen make consumption becomes not the rule, pattern of consumptive rhythm, spending and feeling of insecurity of manage of disappear give a lot of care and past are disparate.

The industrial chain value of spin industry allocates past terminal to tilt, the impact that Jiang Hui considers as industrial environment to get policy and capital is bigger and bigger.