Japanese textile enterprises to develop the use of paper and make a cool shirt

Published on 2019-05-11
Local time on May 4, 2015, the Japanese city of Gifu, Gifu textile industry known city in Japan five textile companies are developing the use of paper and shirts. All processes are completed from the material to the sewing locally. The product will be sold as Cool Biz products, striving to become like Ehime Prefecture "Imabari towel" as well-known brands.
     The product is called "Gifu shirt." Feature is that cloth is cut into linear light, absorbent paper and polyester and has a cooling effect woven, and conducted anti-bacterial deodorant processing.
     Gifu quite closely mimic the collar and sleeveless generals Oda Nobunaga cover designed. By removing the neck after the break-neck expansion chest open collar to reduce stuffiness. "Very cool," "sleeve clothes breathable good", the products have been tried on people alike. The product is listed for the summer of next year, the next issue is price. The most advanced materials test article is a 20,000 yen (about 1034 yuan) or more, and now manufacturers are trying to reduce costs.
      Participate in the development of women's clothing production and sales company president Inoue Code (43 years old) motivated, he said: "To promote our domestic and superb technical strength."
      After World War II, the center of the city of Gifu as textile related products to wholesale and developed. Although the country has become the main origin, but by the imported products to combat recession. According Gifu Apparel Industry Association introduced in 1979, about 1600 members, and in April this year has been reduced to about 240.