Placing a stone's throw away from the digital printing

Published on 2018-06-21
 "According to the latest research report SmithersPira display, digital printing from 2009 to 2012, with 23% annual rate of rapid growth in the world, and the trend has accelerated development, 2015, digital printing output will reach 253 billion square feet m. "in the recently held fourteenth printing and dyeing industry, new materials, new technologies, new processes, new products and technological exchanges will be (hereinafter referred to as" the four new meeting ") special digital printing, the Yellow River Delta Institute dean room wide-Jun said in a speech.
      Digital printing as a new printing technology, much industry attention in recent years. The four new will invite a number of related industry leaders, experts and technical staff, and closely linked to the development of digital printing process and other issues of conduct extensive exchanges. "China Textile News" reporter found that in a quarter of an hour from the special opening worse when the venue has been packed.
  "Green stamp" a panacea?
      Spanish giants Athenea printing company started as a little-known small printing business, in the face of Europe's largest printing companies as well as technical barriers to low-cost competition from Asian companies, the company can only struggled in the market cracks. However, a few years ago, the company's transition to digital printing, use of the flexibility and rapid response capability of digital printing machine, not only in the original textile market has the advantage of innovation, but also in the rapidly changing market benefited fabric. Currently, the company's digital printing capacity has more than 3 million m2 / year. This is knitting Yun International Trade (Shanghai) Co., a sales manager Ma Case Studies talking about the work, which is easy to see some of his Thoughts on digital printing, he said: "China as a textile producing countries, its traditional Rotary Peace screen printing has a long history, it has also experienced a once brilliant. but the traditional dyeing process has been unable to meet today's rapidly changing market demands. Therefore, digital printing represented by the new technologies, new processes become traditional printing and dyeing enterprises to upgrade their not choose two. "
      In recent years, it has always been considered pollution, high energy consumption of the printing industry began to "green" way. Kangping satisfied that the Group Co., Ltd., Hangzhou, open source printing and dyeing technology industry leaders have to clean, low energy transfer direction.
      With the rapid development of a substantial increase in production and digital printing technology, digital printing has entered the growth stage, more and more market attention. "Digital Printing Europe accounted for 64% share of the world, China accounted for only 6%. From the data, China as a textile producing countries, the development of digital printing space can be described as huge." Room for wide-Jun prospects same digital printing very good.
      Deputy Director of Everlight Chemical Industrial Company Limited Chenwen Zheng in the four new meeting issued his concerns: "Today's textile printing, rapid changes in the epidemic season, need more design, more and more short-yardage orders, the design to the more complex, higher color fastness, environmental awareness raising, color variation and tolerance specifications fabric tighter, digital printing to meet the needs related to the above, the future will need more sprinklers equipment manufacturers, ink, software vendors and printing manufacturers investment, the industry will have the opportunity to flourish. "
  After all, the problem can be solved
      Can not deny that, although now with personalized digital printing market has a lot of space, but all aspects are still some limitations, to completely replace the traditional screen printing technology is still a long way to go . In the four new meeting has a number of industry experts on digital printing technologies are discussed.
  "Digital technology borrowed from the printing industry mature CMYK separations and synthesis techniques, different proportions of CMYK color combinations to get all kinds of flowers or desired color continuous-tone images. Therefore, in the color process, digital printing not as traditional as the use of color printing color by color adjustment. "Wensli Hangzhou silk Co., Ltd. Chief Engineer Deng Guo said late reproducing digital printing has been one of the big changes plagued printing and dyeing enterprises.
      Through research and practice, Deng Guo recommended to set their own color management system, and gives his own advice: "Digital printing in all aspects of the production process should be carried out to test the system, from sizing, printing, steaming, washing to finishing, anything that can affect the color change part, must all be tested to the point, understand the processes affect the shade of the main reasons, optimization of process parameters, and thus the formation of a standardized operating procedures document.
      The current digital production printing although improvements in energy efficiency, environmental protection is obvious, but the high cost of consumables, has apparently become a major obstacle to the popularity of the product. This horse to learn the exercises and said: "an important obstacle to the rapid spread of digital printing in the country is the development of digital printing ink prices high, imports of high-end brand ink price is generally 500-600 yuan / kg, homemade ink is generally 200 yuan / kg or so due to digital printing. price than traditional dye printing ink used to be much higher, so beyond a certain length of printing, digital printing cost to be far more than the traditional printing. "However, he then said that with the rapid adoption of high-speed digital printing machine in the country sales of the ink market gradually increased, the price of digital printing ink downward trend will be more intense, which hinder the massive popularity of digital printing technology bottleneck problem will be completely solved in the near future.