Cold dye injection would be implanted in the digital printing and dyeing industry development direction

Published on 2018-06-21
 It is understood that digital inkjet printing technology + cold dye printing technology, which is the biggest printing machine of this innovation, it is also the main reason welcomed by the market. The new R & D printing machine born out of the most popular printing technology - digital printing.
  This was born in the last century, new printing technology in the 1990s, a long period of time are its core technology firmly in the hands of US and European companies. So that printing technology can be used as a printer to print the file as easy. All the basic processes by computer operation is complete, only one worker is responsible for inputting the setting information on the line, compared to the traditional printing process it takes four or five workers to operate at the edge of the machine.
  To achieve localization of digital printing technology, Japan has invested heavily in machinery crown, and joint Fudan University, experts and scholars from China University of Technology, China Association of inkjet and related industries consisting of scientific research team, spent more than two years, the ultimate success We developed the first generation of cold dye DI printing machine, and applied for six patents. Currently this printing machine after several generations of improvement, its technical indicators have reached or exceeded the international advanced level.
  With the evolution of technology continues to mature, the cold dye DI printing machine market was quickly opened. Even if the overall downturn in the textile industry today spread to textile machinery, dyeing cold DI printing machine sales continued to show sustained growth trend.
  Popular elements of today's textile printing change quickly, the need for more design; orders yardage getting shorter, but more complex designs, fastness requirements are also higher; and with the continuous improvement of environmental awareness, the color variation tolerance and fabric specifications become more stringent, cold dye injection is bound to be direction printing and dyeing industry in the future.