LYCRA (Lycra) fiber sector has become the new darling of cowboy | , 2015 Nian 06 Yue 01 Ri 16:49 Chin

Published on 2018-06-21
INVISTA has innovative gene, in order to meet consumer demand for high stretch and shape retention with a denim fabric needs, based on dual-core bicomponent yarn and yarn based on patented technology developed specifically LYCRA (Lycra) brand dualFX technology it will LYCRA (Lycra) fiber and LYCRA (Lycra) T400 fiber combine to make LYCRA (Lycra) fiber excellent elastic and LYCRA (Lycra) T400 fiber excellent recovery properties of perfect fusion, become LYCRA (Lycra) brand jeans dualFX soul fabric technology.
  LYCRA (Lycra) fiber is a study called "spandex" stretch fiber, with excellent stretchability, can effectively increase the flexibility of the fabric, elastic fibers called the originator; LYCRA (Lycra) T400 fiber is a new elastic composite fiber, has a strong shape retention and restoring force. In the same two fibers spun yarn, cast the beauty myth LYCRA (Lycra) brand dualFX technology. Using LYCRA (Lycra) brand dualFX technology woven into denim fabric elasticity improved by 30%, while addressing the wrinkling, deformation problems, giving denim a good stretch at the same time, so that the fabric also has excellent restoring force, so cowboy Clothing and personal comfort to lasting shape retention. LYCRA (Lycra) technology is not only a brand dualFX INVISTA, the textile industry is another revolutionary technology, it subverts the original is limited to a single packet core technology, the use of dual-core yarn production, to create a myth of textiles 1 +1 greater than 2 .
  March 2012, INVISTA's denim expert Dr. Liao Tianyi when visiting China Tianhong Textile Group, coincides with the Rainbow Group seeking new technology to expand into new markets, after Tianhong Textile Group was informed of this new technology INVISTA, will act decisively to develop LYCRA (Lycra) brand dualFX technology to produce yarn; after the completion of the transformation of the machine, it will be produced immediately. In May, the LYCRA (Lycra) brand dualFX technology to produce denim fabric test is successful, the first show LYCRA (Lycra) brand dualFX technology a success.
  However INVISTA did not stop the pace of innovation, to continue in-depth analysis and research for the application of this technology, and continuously expand and extend its field of application. Starting in 2013, LYCRA (Lycra) brand dualFX technology overcomes the problems cored Ruth, was also to use dyed cloth, so that the domestic major dyeing factories continue to promote a high elastic, high-performance varieties of colored cloth to reply. LYCRA (Lycra) brand dualFX technology in the successful application received praise clothing brand, also won industry recognition. By the end of 2014, the use of yarns LYCRA (Lycra) brand dualFX technology, it has been in the major fabric factory and domestic and international clothing brands such as LEVI'S, ONLY other fields has been widely used. If hanging LYCRA (Lycra) jeans tag, then use these pants a real LYCRA (Lycra) fibers, and in accordance with established fabrics INVISTA set performance standards.