Heat radiating flame retardant fabric of national patents |

Published on 2018-06-21
Heat radiating flame retardant fabric of national patents | 
     Recently, the State Intellectual Property Bureau, Jihua three thousand five hundred forty-three company declared "radiation heat retardant knitted fabrics" invention patents authorized.
  Currently, the iron smelter workers to operate the steel mill workers before such a high temperature boiler, all wearing heavy canvas clothing to withstand high temperature heat radiation generated by the boiler. Wearing the clothes unbearably hot and heavy, long-term operation of the workers will hurt. To this end, Jihua three thousand five hundred forty-three company has developed a thermal radiation preventing permanent flame retardant clothing knitted fabrics.
  Knitted fabrics flame retardant heat radiation is characterized by the use of double-sided knitting machine woven into the silver flame-retardant fiber Lenzing fiber thermal protection and anti-thermal radiation, the use of the production process to form a double knit structure, characterized in that the outer layer using heat radiation silver fiber, silver fiber is nylon filament yarn as a carrier, electrolytic silver plating method in its surface to achieve the effect of heat radiation; the inner layer of flame-retardant heat protection fiber Lenzing, which derived from natural beech, it has good flexibility and comfort, after a medium flame blending in dope, achieve a permanent flame retardant effect, a permanent flame retardance has been detected through the national authority, to prevent fire on the body cause some damages. The fabric not only has permanent flame retardant heat radiation function, but also has excellent resistance to washing, odorless, non-toxic and non-irritating, breathable, soft, comfortable to wear.
  Before the heat radiating flame knitted fabrics used in high temperature boiler operating smelter workers' clothing, also apply to operations under the special environment, arms and people, such as pilots, Marines, explosion troops, artillery and armor troops.