Eletroplate to exit predominate of coating of arena environme

Published on 2019-05-11

This year before December 31, tianjin city will be over to eletroplate in couples, coking plant, plate glass, nitrogenous fertilizer, nonferrous metal, printing and dyeing, farming medicine of deputy food treatment, raw material is made, the application of license of blowdown of 10 industries business such as curry, pesticide and nuclear hair job, begin an environment to superintend according to card execute the law. Rose on January 1 from next year, the enterprise must hold card blowdown related afore-mentioned Tianjin city industries. The publishs not to eletroplate to be caused to the environment via letting a person pay close attention to again pollution issue of this one measure.

As we have learned, eletroplate pollution basically is polluted with the heavy metal in sewage and sewage give priority to, have a few waste gas and waste residue generation. Eletroplate industry used solution of a large number of strong acid, alkali, heavy metal, include the poisonous and harmful chemical such as prussiate, chromic anhydride even, these poisonous and harmful material emit into an environment through liquid waste and waste residue, make trade of a heavy pollution. Although eletroplate,can have certain anticorrosive effect, the outward appearance is better also, but relative to at the pollution that cause character, however some the loss outweights the gain. In the rise of business of environmental protection paint, eletroplate to also be in exit arena gradually.

The function of environmental protection coating is more and more powerful, the field that uses also is in more and more capacious. But the function with eletroplate to still have in certain industry particular, need not eletroplate completely at present not quite actual, but in eletroplate applied industry, as far as possible go replacing with environmental protection coating, that can reduce pollution one minute for the environment, be eletroplated after all restore to need quite long time after pollution, had done eletroplate contaminative processing, increase environmental protection coating to apply, the good method that can yet be regarded as solves.