EIA: American propylene stocks reduces 2.6 million pails last

Published on 2019-05-11

Information of the sources of energy of the family name that occupy general rested on November 22 Si Dui report, office of American energy information (the statistical data that EIA) Zhou San publishs shows, the United States is not to served as that Zhou Li that the propylene stocks that fuel uses ended on November 17 to reduce 21 thousand pails, total stocks reduced 2.601 million pails.
Statistical data shows, 1.459 million pails decreased before current propylene inventory level compares the United States one year or 36% .
The statistical data of EIA shows, rate of American refinery start working increased last week 0.3% to 91.3% , and utilization rate is compared the corresponding period increased 0.5 percent last year.
In spot market, the stability of Zhou San of aggregate grade propylene of consign was in the United States November FD USA of cent of every pound 48-48.5.