Hubei chemical fertilizer synthesizes gas 200 thousand tons t

Published on 2019-05-11

   On November 28, hubei chemical fertilizer 200 thousand tons / year synthetic gas makes technology of glycol whole set pass Chinese petrifaction appraisal, the proposal expedites promotion application, let productivity of translate into of science and technology.

   Hubei chemical fertilizer 200 thousand tons / year synthetic gas makes glycol demonstrative device is Chinese petrifaction 10 Long Gong involve one of items, use Chinese petrifaction of own research and development have whole set technology only. Hubei chemical fertilizer serves as tackle key problem group leader unit, wait for 6 units with company of engineering of Shanghai petro-chemical academy, Shanghai, composition tackles key problem group, development synthesis gas makes glycol plant technology wrap; to finish enlarge of technology of each production unit and technological process to optimize; to begin whole system energy to optimize, plant intrinsic safety is changed, crucial analysis technology, 3 useless decrease a platoon to wait. Reach disappear to be short of via tackling key problem 6 years continuously rectify and reform, device is reached at realizing full load of whole technological process to move this year in August amount to produce amount to effect, for transition of Hubei chemical fertilizer development and Chinese petrifaction structural adjustment made positive contribution

   Include 3 academician inside appraisal expert group gives height affirms, the foundation tries to go up in thinking this technology is in, the activator that finish is optimized with enlarge production, develop efficient and energy-saving reaction technology, build a product to analyse crucial technology, form 200 thousand tons / year synthetic gas makes technology of glycol whole set. Type selecting of program of demonstrative plant technological process, control, equipment is reasonable, craft on the safe side, mark is amounted to to discharge after 3 useless classics are handled, technical index excel designs a value, the product is large-scale already use at polyester production, the proposal expedites promotion application.