Refine changes an industry to need to accelerate carbon the t

Published on 2019-05-11

The near future, alcohol benzine got pay close attention to unprecedentedly, the whole nation of fuel alcohol is popularized, will change an industry to refine, especially with aether of butyl of methylic father’s younger brother (MTBE) for the carbon of main product 4 industries bring an influence, our country refine changes an industry to need to accelerate carbon the transition of 4 industries catenary upgrades.

Recently, our country comes on stage ” about enlarging biology fuel alcohol production and promotion use a car to implement plan with alcohol petrolic ” put forward, to 2020, in the promotion inside countrywide limits use car uses alcohol gas, basic implementation is enclothed completely, commercialize moving mechanism preliminary build, preliminary compose builds system of innovation of advanced biology liquid fuel, unit of 50 thousand tons of class realizes cellulose fuel alcohol set an example move, whole of development of estate of biology fuel alcohol achieves international advanced level.

Roll out with policy almost synchronous, the car uses alcohol gas (GB19351) mediate with alcohol benzine with the car constituent is oily (GB22030) the standard is updated, and by recommend a standard to upgrade for compulsive standard.

The alcohol gas that comes on stage this is new politics will bring stern test to oil refining course of study. Be produced as escalate of domestic alcohol benzine and use, the benzine that will change refine to change an enterprise to have produces pattern of device form a complete set, raise the cost of industry of whole oil refining.

New politics mean to 2020, on the market use alcohol gas basically for the car entirely, do not have motor gasoline product basically. Refine factory produces motor gasoline product no longer, total change uses alcohol gas to produce a car harmonic constituent is oily. The formation of configuration of market end item name a person for a particular job by move to mediate to alcohol benzine after refinery center.

New politics look be like increased constituent of a kind of benzine only, but the tremendous effect that will produce global sex to refine factory, include benzine quality to upgrade plan, asset and resource are used, a series of problems such as economic benefits business accounting need to be examined afresh. Specific for, course of treatment of outlet of structure of gas output, brand, MTBE, oil refining is met produce change. Follow-up influence also nots allow to ignore, for example, the market indicates product principal part changes, produce linkage effect to relevant industry, then is counteractive at oil refining industry.

Alcohol gas is new politics the cost that influences a trade to refine promotes expression to wait for many respects in establishment of structure of market demand, product, form a complete set. Among them, comprehensive application will squeeze alcohol petrolic further occupy petrolic to consume the market.

Alcohol benzine is tasted to oil upgrade brought an influence. The car that comes on stage before asks to oxidation is contained to add up to content to must not exceed 0.5% in alcohol benzine with alcohol benzine standard. This means MTBE, aether to change benzine general to cannot regard benzine as high-octane harmonic constituent use. Quality of Ⅵ standard benzine upgrades will be faced with fall alkene and the new challenge that increase octane number.

Use alcohol can cause cost of oil refining company to increase, reduce the flexibility of operation at the same time. Oil refining enterprise, content flows (car, canister) , investment of gas station need builds new facility (storage tank of fuel pump, underground) etc.

Face a challenge, new politics will advance industrial green development continuously. Refine changes an industry to want to develop refine adequately to change the dominant position that unifinication expands, rely on ten million ton class refinery and large ethylene project revise extend and newly-built project, enhance public project system optimize conformity, wash out backward productivity and establishment quickly, the resource conformity between catenary of industry of chemical industry of executive oil refining and optimize, promotion resource uses efficiency, realize oil refining, chemical industry develop in coordination.

In recent years, regard benzine as additive use, MTBE gets great progress, a paragraph of period becomes the main source of refinery profit even, also be the optimal option that methanol is used and increases octane number. Alcohol benzine extends the gasoline additive market of will terminative MTBE, will to carbon progress of 4 industries chain produces far-reaching effect.

Carbon 4 products are oil refine, petro-chemical with coal chemical industry important in by-product, among them MEBT is main carbon one of 4 products. MTBE is the fundamental approach that carbon uses different butene in 4 industries catenary. 2020 MTBE general disuse, many different butene needs to seek benefit utility way, in addition high-octane benzine adds constituent to also need complement.

Company of 4 industries chain needs carbon ahead of schedule layout, develop the new technology that treatment of high additional cost uses different butene, the abidance that props up refine effectively to turn a company develops.

Indirect alkylation technology develops different butene will be the important way of MTBE company transition. Indirect alkylation technology is different butene 2 get together the Xin Xi that it is different, next hydrogenation is isooctane. Isooctane is high-octane benzine constituent, have better applied prospect. At present technology of foreign indirect alkylation is a delegate with UOP, CDTECH and IFP company, have much suit place moving.

Different butene oxidation makes methylic acrylic acid armour ester (MMA) the technology also is worth to pay close attention to. Technology of our country MMA uses method of traditional acetone cyanogen alcohol, restricted the rapid development of this industry, home measures year after year to increase by degrees to the entrance of MMA. It is raw material with different butene, development MMA produces new engineering technology to have wide applied perspective.

In addition, our country should strengthen high end to get together different butene (HRPIB) new technology development. Different butene produces get together different butene is substance of a kind of colorless, insipidity, avirulent sticky stiff or semisolid form, heat-resisting, be able to bear or endure oxygen, be able to bear or endure await, acid-proof and alkaline etc, chemical performance is good, after material of lube additive, high polymer the domain such as treatment, medicine and cosmetic, additive agent for food all has extensive use.

4 industries should accelerate carbon the progress of activator technology and engineering technology, accelerate new technology industry to use step. The exploration of new technology and new activator also will bring new business chance.