Environmental protection ministry: “Atmosphere 10 ̶

Published on 2019-05-11

Li Ganjie of minister of environmental protection ministry expresses 10 days, come 5 years, the zoology environment of Chinese characteristic administers mode to be formed basically, determined to pollution declare war effect is distinct. This year is ” atmosphere 10 ” receive Guan Zhi year, from eye antecedent condition looks, the main goal hopeful of set comes true entirely.

   He is to be in what Chinese environment and committee of development international collaboration made afore-mentioned stating on annual meeting plenary session and environment and forum of development high level 2017. That day ” strategy of clean the sources of energy and climate change ” on cent forum, personage of numerous multilateral inside and outside attending the meeting thinks this group moves Ying Yuqing strategy of clean the sources of energy and should change to be coordinated to climate, cooperate with in order to come true of benefit the biggest change, green development and transition of low carbon economy will be Chinese economy progress to provide new power.

   According to statistic, the country releases executive air, water, soil contamination to prevent and cure plan of 3 big moves, effect of contaminative prevention and cure is distinct. Finish coal fired power plant to exceed in all low discharge transform 640 million kilowatt, 68% of capacity of aircraft of general assembly of group of the electric machinery that occupy coal, 2 oxidation sulfur discharges power plant of the coal fired that decrease a platoon 83% , azotic oxide 50% , soot 67% , build the world’s greatest coal cleanness to generate electricity system. Came in January 2017 in November, level of 338 ground of countrywide and above city but inspiratory grain content (PM10) average concentration is compared the corresponding period dropped 2013 20.4% , beijing ferry look forward to, long triangle, bead trigonometry fine grained content (PM2.5) average concentration drops respectively 38.2% , 31.7% , 25.6% , beijing drops 35.6% , be close to 60 microgramme / stere. “Pollute the strong thrust of processing to enter, obtained favorable environmental beneficial result not only, also gained good economic benefits and social benefit. ” Li Ganjie says.

   Foundation of the sources of energy (the United States) Zou Ji of Beijing agency president is being accepted ” economic reference signs up for ” the judgement when the reporter is interviewed, average per capita of main developed country discharges the level of GDP of average per capita that reachs peak value correspondence, be in roughly 20 thousand – left and right sides of 25 thousand dollar, and peak value of average per capita is reached when China is expected to reach 14 thousand dollar in GDP of average per capita. This is the innovation of Chinese development route, the in short should do knowledge energetically namely model economy, the productivity that improves all sorts of element will promote development, satisfy people to wait for demand to activity of environmental quality, healthy, spirit better.

   Williams and Buddha the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces pull · to rest head of department of environment of benefit spy foundation, before Jonathan Pan promotes ambassador-at-large of negotiation of climate of American the State Council the doctor also expresses, in recent years China had much investment in a lot of domains, the development of stimulative green economy, having huge profit to decreasing a platoon.