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Published on 2019-05-11

   On November 21, waste water of tall salt of countrywide coal chemical industry and mine water natural resources are changed use technical seminar to be in E Er is much this Luo Qi holds city Yi Jinhuo. Industry of chemical industry of our country coal is aimed at on the meeting waste water of tall salt of difficult problem of first environmental protection, coal mine industry cannot the mine water natural resources of steer clear of is changed use a task, and the problem such as the feasibility that how be united in wedlock with project of coal chemical industry and applies, undertook be discussinged deep. Session, still held Inner Mongolia environment to invest technology of environmental protection of area of garden of group, key, company with all possible means the informal discussion of supply and demand.

   Chinese coal treatment uses association director Zhang Shaojiang to say: “The advantage energy mineral products of our country and fundamental the sources of energy are coal, but the extensive development of coal is used, especially large-scale direct combustion, caused serious air pollution, coal cleanness is efficient use imperative. Contemporary coal chemical industry is offerred very tall hope, develop contemporary coal chemical industry, can reduce the our country dependence to oil natural gas not only degree zephyr danger, also be cleanness of our country coal efficient the only way that use. Also be cleanness of our country coal efficient the only way that use..

   As we have learned, the ceaseless research that comes through nearly 10 years is developed and set an example construction, chemical industry of our country contemporary coal obtained tremendous progress, but in chemical industry of water natural resources, coal corrupt respect of useless water treatment is cruel also showed a lot of issues. The bad news water of industry of contemporary coal chemical industry and corrupt liquid waste deals with problem, it is industry height attention and the thorny issue that are badly in need of solving all the time.

   In addition, according to Introduction Zhang Shaojiang, mine water also is the outstanding issue of mine of zoology of production of influence colliery cleanness, construction. The mine water that our country discharges every year makes an appointment with many tons 60, but long-term since mine water did not get very good use, wasted water natural resources not only, also caused certain environmental pollution. Accordingly, need undertakes dealing with to mine water, those who be mine water is integrated use find a way out.

   It is reported, environmental protection ministry already was issued 2015 ” condition of admittance of environment of project of construction of contemporary coal chemical industry (try out) ” . The requirement in the file, “Contemporary coal chemical industry develops, must want measure of aggrandizement section water, reduce fresh water dosage. Be in the area that has a requirement, advocate preferential use mine scanty dry water, second birth water, prohibit taking use water as production with groundwater. Prohibit taking use water as production with groundwater..

   Division of government of people of division of Yi Jinhuo the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces grows Hua Ruifeng to express, natural resources of water of tall brine of coal chemical industry, mine is changed using is industry of the sunny industry that area transition development promotes below new normal state, green industry, the people’s livelihood. Of this seminar hold, it is Yijinhuoluo the vivid practice that the banner promotes coal and health of industry of coal chemical industry to develop, be sure to be banner of Yi Jinhuo the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces to realize mining area to abandon old resource recycle in higher administrative levels, wider field promotes development of green of contemporary coal chemical industry, bigger range participates in region industry efforts to offer good opportunity.

   Inner Mongolia environmental protection invests Chen Shijie of group company general manager to express, should accelerate build system of standardization of deep treatment of scientific and reasonable coal, company of deep treatment of cogent play coal is in the standard development, main body action in carrying out, rely on the trade organization with professional excellent competence or industrial technology alliance, breed development group level energetically. Accelerate establish product, safe, environmental protection and method kind etc be badly in need of a standard, advance design of equipment, engineering and the metric system that build a standard to decide, with high quality the standard leads and normative industry grows.

   Yu Zhufeng of assistant dean of divine China academy expresses, outside removing item of hydrogenation of little part tar, coal makes oily project can realize sewage basically ” nearly 0 discharge ” , only tall thick brine enters the share evaporate establishment evaporates, answer after major water treatment with, sewage is answered integratedly with rate is OK achieve 98% .

   E Er is much this Bai Xiaoping of general manager of limited company of development of industry of city Yun Dongsheng state expresses, when mine water is administered, should build a business between, enterprise and farming between herdsman ” the interest links a mechanism ” , it is carrier with water of answer cultivate ground, mine, rely on E Er much this association of industry of bibcock of city farming animal husbandry, be based on desert of prevention and cure to change reach zoology to build industrial fund, strengthen the cooperative communication between the enterprise, at the same time with farming herdsman shares industrial profit benefit, form tripartite interest community finally.

   Inner Mongolia Wang Junhui of vise general manager of company of environmental protection science and technology expresses Jiukekangrui, the country is right of mine water use height integratedly to take seriously, mine irrigation works is used is coal manufacturing safety and it is important to can develop continuously assure, but traditional processing technique puts in older corrupt practice: When water of mine of big; of capital construction investment promotes moving charge tall; to cover an area of area big; to cross 400 meters to Jing Shenchao, put in the question with big difficulty of water supply decompression.

   Produce the progress of company future to coal chemical industry and colliery, bai Xiaoping thinks the enterprise wants to stand fast 3 big bottom lines: Stand fast development bottom line, want to continue to produce an advantage namely, accuse firmly to produce can, development expands coal report, coal is changed, coal report smelt metal adds unifinication industry catenary, stimulative coal on the spot changes appreciation to extract effect. Stand fast zoology bottom line, should clutch namely fill on the processing of mining area calamity that coal development brings about and environmental protection are short board, build mechanism of job length effect and policy system. Stand fast bottom line of the people’s livelihood, want to build a colliery to development interest is compensated and share a mechanism namely, cogent the lawful benefit that guarantees herdsman of mining area farming.

   On the informal discussion, inner Mongolia Li Zhansheng of president of company of environmental protection science and technology expresses Jiukekangrui, pass this conference discuss and communicate, will protect with water for chemical industry of our country coal for, corrupt liquid waste processing and water of our country mine use the problem such as photograph union integratedly to seek a more solutions, achieve the goal of section water, environmental protection finally, develop in order to promote the green of industry of chemical industry of our country coal, coal, for the green water green hill of our country construction contributes a force.

   This second conference uses association to combine industry of green of chemical industry of Chinese new-style coal to develop alliance by Chinese coal treatment (chip) , division people government sponsors Yijinhuoluo jointly, company of science and technology of fountainhead of group of investment of Inner Mongolia environmental protection, green jade assist do, e Er is much this city is limited company of development of industry of Yun Dongsheng state, long division environmental protection undertake. Join meeting technology company and representing 300 more than person.