Produce per year 50 thousand tons black lead Xi to weigh put

Published on 2019-05-11

On November 23 message, limited company of science and technology of Jiangsu path bitter fleabane always invests preservative coating of 405 million yuan black lead Xi to produce an item, through the tight construction of 11 months, enter equipment to install round off phase, the middle ten days of a month will undertake equipment debug this month, predict the put into production before the bottom moved this year in December.

As we have learned, this project is located in foreign mouth harbor to face area of harbor industry garden, cover an area of a face to accumulate 28 thousand square metre, product line of whole set of configuration automation coating 10, lab class equipment and detect equipment 30, year manufacturing zinc Xi weighs preservative coating to be able to amount to 50 thousand tons; Project complete is amounted to after producing, annual produce hopeful achieves 1.6 billion yuan.

Anticorrosive and antirust coating was in the black lead Xi of research and development of science and technology of path bitter fleabane to obtained a country to invent patent 2014, with oxygen of traditional anticorrosive product annulus rich zinc photograph is compared, coating of black lead Xi not only environmental protection, harmless to human body, and the product performance after using is better. Dog more two years through windward to Long Yuanhai electric field test discovery, the product of coating of Xi of use black lead is anti-corrosive achieve 3000 hours, weigh preservative coating more than 2000 hours than the United States.

Current, anticorrosive and antirust coating already applied black lead Xi to go up at be like the East China Sea of canister of tower of group of electric machinery of wind of wind electric field anticorrosive, not only fill apply black lead Xi domestic and internationally the blank at anticorrosive domain, still break foreign brand to be opposite the long-term forestall of market of coating of report of our country wind.

Introduce according to Gujian of controller of project of painting of Xi of black lead of science and technology of path bitter fleabane, preservative coating is a kind of coating with the sectional very wide application such as modern industry, traffic, the sources of energy, marine project. Begin from 2009, china replaces the United States to become global coating to consume the biggest country, weigh inadequacy of productivity of preservative coating home among them, rely on an entrance all the time. After put into production of project of painting of black lead Xi, heavy preservative coating is opposite hopeful change tradition the dependence of metallic zinc resource situation, heavy preservative coating depends on the pattern of the entrance to also will be broken.

Company of path bitter fleabane uses black lead Xi good conductivity and piece shape is built receive character, in introducing black lead Xi zinc powder priming paint, form good electric network with zinc powder, thereby revolutionary came true to still have exceedingly good cathode to protect action and anticorrosive property below low zinc condition, make the new product of science and technology of our country own research and development, product function surmounts world ocean to weigh anticorrosive system top level, can save zinc powder resource every year 36 thousand tons. Current, black lead Xi weighed preservative coating to already had multinomial demonstrative project in war industry project, shipping is made and besmear packs high-end container progressively batch is used, still large quantities of one marine project projects already reached cooperative intent.