Our country accelerates the cleanness of fossil the sources o

Published on 2019-05-11

   To 2020 when, 700 Celsius transcend report of our country clean coal super- critical generate electricity the technology will have dimensions to change promotion application condition, at the appointed time our country still will build many IGCC and power station of IGFC coal aerification, total hair capacitance is achieved 1200 cover with tiles to 1500 million.

   This is Peng Suping of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering the country that in Fujian Ning Deju goes ” 1000 people plan ” the information that expert party the sources of energy, resource and environmental major committee released on annual meeting 2017. She says, our country is devoting oneself to to make coal cleanness efficient change with use a system, the green low carbonization that achieves coal radical the sources of energy hard and efficient intensive change development.

   This year on January 5, the country develops innovation appoint, bureau of national energy resources is released ” the sources of energy develops ” 935 ” program ” , put forward ” 935 ” proportion of consumption of energy of period blame fossil raises 15% above, natural gas consumption is achieved than striving again 10% , coal consumption proportion is reduced 58% the following.

   In fact, the development of new energy resources such as our country Guang Fufa report is rapid. In September 2016, fujian Longyan city is new company of collect area power supply helps this area build project of Guang Fufa cable with the village greatly, at present total capacity achieves 110 kilowatt. In Hua An help of company of prefectural power supply falls, this county sand builds town build distributed Guang Fufa electric project, outfit machine dimensions is 30 kilowatt, service life of component of smooth hot season can amount to 25 years of above.

   The expert says, burgeoning industry includes the sources of energy that our country should develop not only on these traditional senses ” new energy resources ” , and still include the oil gas of clean coal, special rule, field such as intelligent electrified wire netting, build the system of contemporary and integrated the sources of energy of low carbon, clean, efficient, intelligence with comprehensive compose.

   Cleanness of our country the sources of energy replaces the job still very arduous. According to introducing, the coal of our country occupies terminal the sources of energy to consume specific gravity to be as high as 20% above. The expert expresses, should drive the cleanness of fossil the sources of energy such as coal efficient development uses the main task that develops as transition of the sources of energy, our country is planning to carry out coal fired aircrew to exceed in the round low discharge with energy-saving transform, promotion uses technology of cable of clean and efficient coal, carry out strictly can standard of effect environmental protection.

   Henceforth longer inside period, the fossil the sources of energy that gives priority to with coal still will be the main body the sources of energy of our country. “Innovate those who promote fossil the sources of energy to use efficiency through the technology only, we just can accelerate the revolution reducing an amount of fossil the sources of energy, promote the consumption that is not fossil the sources of energy specific gravity. ” Peng Suping says.