Catch research and development of painty nation emphasis to p

Published on 2019-05-11

On November 28, academy of chemical industry of group subordinate Shenyang is changed to hold in ” typical dye and organic pigment turn production continuously nearly 0 discharge a technology ” the project is started meeting. Material of center of research and development of hi-tech of ministry of national science and technology grows academician of Hu Yongkang of Shi Dongmei, Chinese Academy of Engineering everywhere, and many 10 authoritative expert that comes from university of college of industry of grain of university of association of Chinese dye industry, Jilin, Dalian, Tianjin university, Jiangsu attends the meeting.

This project is a country ” 935 ” key research and development plans ” promotion of technology of emphasis basis material and industrialization ” the emphasis is special, by leading organization of academy of Shenyang chemical industry, share school of 11 scientific research and manufacturing company to participate in.

The heavy nitrogen of intermittent boiler type that uses extensively at industry of our country dye at present is changed, coupling reaction and reductive wait for conventional technology, existing quality of security difference, product discharge capacity of low, liquid waste big, specific power consumption is advanced malpractice, the project that Shenyang courtyard takes the lead this is aimed at afore-mentioned problems directly, will thrust moves our country to catch painty industry to upgrade to progress with the industry. This project will be begun occasionally nitrogen is caught / dye and nitrobenzene sulphur acerbity hydrogenation turn production continuously nearly 0 discharge research, the breakthrough is high quality occasionally nitrogen is caught / painty production and liquid waste decrease a technology, Gao Nong to spend a nitrobenzene sulphur acid the research and development of the crucial technology such as successive catalysis hydrogenation, build a model to catch painty breed to turn production continuously nearly 0 discharge demonstrative device and popularize in the industry, carry high yield to character is measured and close thereby rate, the efficient safety of stimulative production technology is energy-saving, approach implementation waste water 0 discharge.

On the meeting that start, dean of academy of Shenyang chemical industry Professor Xu Weichang sought advice from member of committee of experts to award contract for the project. The member that the expert is comprised had inquiry to the project and express, sense of project project approving is great, innovation sex is outstanding, the task setting of the project is reasonable, each task assumes unit actual strength to highlight, the hope clutchs carry out advance.