Our country will drive intelligence to pass feeling and contr

Published on 2019-05-11

Industry letter ministry was announced on December 14 ” promote industry of new generation artificial intelligence to develop the action 3 years to plan (2018-2020 year) ” , through carrying out 4 keys task, strive 2020, a series of artificial intelligence indicate sexual product obtains significant breakthrough, international competition advantage is formed in a certain number of key domains, artificial intelligence and hypostatic economy confluence are deepened further, the industry grows an environment to be optimized further.

Action target includes: Dimensions of product of artificial intelligence key changes development, level of technology of car of intelligent network couplet promotes considerably, intelligence serves a robot to realize dimensions to turn application, intelligence has competition ability of stronger whole world without the product such as man-machine, medical treatment is video and auxiliary diagnostic system enlarge clinical applying, the product such as interpreter of speech of video pattern recognition, intelligence, intelligence achieves international advanced level.

Capability of base of core of artificial intelligence whole increases significantly, product of intelligent sensor technology achieves a breakthrough, design, acting labour, measure a technology to reach international level, nerve network chip realizes a quantity to produce and in key domain implementation dimensions turns application, platform of development opening a source is preliminary the capacity that has the industry that prop up to develop quickly.

Intelligence is made deepen development, complex environment identifies, new-style interactive compositive applying is accelerated in waiting for artificial intelligence technology to equip in crucial technology, intelligence changes production, large-scale individuation custom-built, forecast a gender to safeguard the applied level that waits for new pattern to promote apparently. Intelligence of key industry domain changes a level to rise significantly.

Artificial intelligence industry props up a system to be built basically, the high quality that has certain dimensions tags data resource to library, standard checks data set building and be opened, system of artificial intelligence standard, test evaluates system and frame of safe safeguard system preliminary build, intelligence changes network infrastructure system to be formed stage by stage, industrial development environment is more perfect.

According to action plan, to 2020, intelligence of machine tool of high-grade numerical control changes a level to promote further, have man-machine the robot of new generation industry of function of natural and harmonious, alternant, own study realizes batch production and applied; to add material to make equipment figuration efficiency be more than 450cm3/h, the intelligence of compositive application; that consecutive working hours is more than 240h; to realize intelligence to pass feeling and control equipment to wait for a domain in traffic of machine tool, robot, petro-chemical, orbit detects with the industrial spot that assembles equipment visual identifying accuracy rate is achieved 90% , measure precision and speed to satisfy; of actual production demand to develop other people of 10 above intelligence to flow to equip with storage.

The action plans to put forward, to 2020, the operation cost that digitlizes a workshop is reduced 20% , product development cycle shortens product of 20%; intelligence factory is undesirable article rate reduce 10% , energy utilization rate rises 10% .