Industry 4 ” flap ” the whole world notes pattern

Published on 2019-05-11

Recently, cerebral sea mile of the author emerges one piece pursues constantly, one Zhang Ming is ” the whole world notes pattern of competition of model machine market ” graph. This piece of graph is pressed in mind commonly like megalith of a thousand pieces of gold.

This piece of plan is very simple, very deep also, a 4 pyramid, represented the whole world to note force of field of model machine market to allocate. From go up to below, ordinal it is Europe, north America, Japan, chinese advantage company, stage endowment enterprise and our country technology are backward the enterprise. Change kind of expression way namely the first echelon formation is Aboge, Engeer, Kelaosimafei, power fierce. Badufeier and heart horse case; The 2nd echelon formation is Hesiji, rice pulls Ke Longhe to live friend; The 3rd echelon formation is sea day international, Yi is close and contend for hegemony etc; The 4th echelon formation large quantities of technologies are backward enterprise.

Both delegate notes the most banner technology in model machine industry before, they hold significant position in market of high end of the machine that note model, more push drive to wear the development of industry of the machine that note model. And our country notes the chief company of great capacity in model machine industry the enterprise such as the hero of close, shake of celestial border, Yi and power interest also is in recent years ability obtains international to approbate gradually, be in gradually in upright market cuts a figure, hold market share, but the China of large quantities of quantities notes model aircraft company to return in low end the domain struggles seek to live on, support price holds low end the market.

This makes clear, structure of plan of homemaking getting a country, industry is optimized adjust and international market trends is affected, our country notes whole of model machine industry to good progress, growth is apparent. But, according to the data of imports and exports that Chinese custom publishs and object, we can are informed, suffer level of technology of be confined to and international fame to wait for a problem, our country notes model machine to basically export a developing country, a few exit are only Euramerican the phenomenon that waits for a developed country did not produce big change.

While we progress at our in excitement, cannot ignore the progress of other, not be only we are running! Change rapid development in intelligence today, each national capital realized the value that industrial intelligence changes, and was made corresponding and decision-making. China has ” China is made 2025 ” , germany has industry 4. So, the ascensive bewilderment that does not let oneself oneself eye, no matter be to depend on the country with arisen Industrial Revolution, backward in Industrial Revolution still country understands its importance deeply, the history and now is best proof.

Although still be inferior to afore-mentioned most advanced enterprises,our country fixes model aircraft company, but its grow not allow to ignore. In the CHINAPLAS2017 first half of the year, intelligence changes the machine that note model to become each to just pay close attention to a key. The hero of close, shake of sea day international, Yi, division inferior, rich is achieved, Xin be an official is amounted to, power interest and Bell exhibited multinomial numerical control, intelligence is changed, automation product, efficient data is collected and intelligence is changed make what bring economy, actual strength to go up for different client rise.

China notes model machine industry from ” 15 ” during get swift and violent development, the production of the engine that note model with serve as significant, make and sell the market, china notes model machine industry to be in ” enter ” in obtain live, get rising, the exit specified number that year after year increases and the unfavorable balance of trade that narrow ceaselessly are explaining, in changing with industry in globalization pattern, china notes model aircraft company to had joined international market war, and on the make, longing weighs chance of model China model below new setting the position in the international market, position of international of company of global model aircraft ” block a battle ” intense perform!