Yan’an petrifaction shifts to an earlier date 26 days t

Published on 2018-08-13

On December 5, from Yan’an petro-chemical factory production plans a ministry to transmit a good news, this factory 2.4 million tons / year derv hydrogenation refines device machines one million nine hundred and eleven thousand three hundred tons, 100.07% what completed year of plan, shifted to an earlier date 26 days to overfulfil annual to machine the task.

“During be being overhauled this year, we tackle key problem through the technology, solved derv hydrogenation purificatory device air is cold implement pressure fall big difficult problem, still added Yu of refine of a mix into to be able to change the technological process of FCC/DCC, and during mix into refine, device moving result is favorable. Besides, this device joins movement hydraulic turbine system, horary but managing make an appointment with 200KWh with report. The ensured this suit buy safety with above strong move grows cycle to move. ” this factory combines Liu Chunlin of 3 workshops director to be told.

Since this year, this factory organizes production meticulously, aggrandizement safety manages, explore the operation method of different raw material actively, optimize device to operate, raise device to close rate. Refine management with essence of life at the same time, ” 6 stars ” contest of construction of red flag team and group, labor, add close cut down expense wait for an activity to be carrier, refine assessment system, innovation worker grooms, the spot that carries out summary of assessment of day of examination, week, month strictly manages mode, carry out fulfil ” 2105 ” (name of 2 dichotomy hour, ten minutes 10 join a class, 5 minutes of 5 lecture) shift changing rule is spent, share all sorts of hidden trouble processing techniques, ensured task of treatment of annual of derv hydrogenation device comes true smoothly.