Committee of experts of first petrifaction union holds water

Published on 2019-05-11

Establish industry wisdom warehouse service industry develops

On December 10, chinese oil and committee of experts of chemical Joint Industry Conference hold water in Beijing. Chairman plum birthday gives birth to federation of Gu Xiulian of vice-chairman of standing committee of National People’s Congress of 10 whole nations, petrifaction, and more than 100 when come from the whole nation famous expert is attended establish plenary session. Congress is chaired by Li Runsheng of vice secretary of petrifaction union Party committee.

First committee of experts is comprised by 103 experts, li Runsheng holds the position of chairman committee member, secretary-general is held the position of by union deputy secretary-general, science and technology and Hu Qianlin of equipment department head. Combinative industry grows a characteristic, committee created 6 professional groups, the group leader of group of oil gas geology is group leader of group of Hao Fang academician, oil gas engineering to be group leader of group of chemical industry of Li Yang academician, energy to be Duan Xue academician, chemical industry group leader of new material group is Jian Xigao academician, safety and group leader of environmental protection group to be Hao Jiming.

Establish congress to go up, gu Xiulian speech points out, through development of a few years, petrifaction industry developed the advanced person with ability such as a lot of management, research and development, economy, they are the precious talented people that the industry recruits. Petrifaction federation establishs a committee of experts to be able to rise the wisdom assemble of new old pal, form the brain trust of high administrative levels, to promote a trade sex of supply side structure is reformed, accelerate change to develop means to make contribution.

Li Shousheng expresses, federation will provide good job atmosphere actively for the committee of experts, departmental door wants federation to make good service for the committee of experts. Be aimed at the working key of near future of committee of experts, li Shousheng offerred a proposal: It is to begin academic research and survey. The major problem that develops to the industry begins research, participate in the survey of the heat problem such as the economy that involves industry development, policy. 2 it is to participate in industry program. Consider and make industry science and technology develop plan of science and technology of policy of the strategy, program, technology, year. 3 it is to mirror an industry to appeal to beg. Reflective industry grows major problem and enterprise to appeal to beg, offer relevant policy proposal. 4 it is to evaluate argumentation. Project of the argumentation of selection of subject that participates in project of great science and technology, major project plans to design plan and achievement of great science and technology to wait examine. 5 it is to begin international communication. Take an active part in an organization to develop international industry and academic communication activity, increase international force.