Petrifaction industry is energy-saving and affirmatory 4 keys

Published on 2019-05-11

   On December 12, first energy-saving, low carbon, green develops the countrywide oil that in Chinese chemical industry energy-saving technology association holds at Nanjing and chemical industry on congress and the 6th general meeting, chinese oil and Li Shousheng of chairman of chemical Joint Industry Conference point out, should come true 10 thousand yuan of industry increased the trade 2020 value specific power consumption is compared ” 925 ” end drops the target of 10% , what entire industry must develop all directions range is energy-saving expand the job with green.

   It is further development is dissolved produce can superfluous contradiction. Accelerate wash out short of specific power consumption, discharge, of quality standard backward produce can, craft, equipment. Want to develop the burgeoning property such as new material of new energy resources, chemical industry energetically at the same time, foster new economic point of growth. 2 it is effort compose builds product green design and evaluation system. Hold to complete lifecycle concept, in products plan raw material of consideration of development phase system is chosen, production, sale, use, reclaim, the effect that each link such as processing cause to resources environment, utmost reduces resource to use up. Select industry or the product such as oil refining, petrifaction, chemical fertilizer, begin green design to set an example pilot, begin green product and green factory evaluation, establish product of a batch of green and green plant. 3 it is to want to be begun deep science and technology tackles key problem and application of promotion of advanced technique equipment works. Strengthen innovation of green science and technology, the organization is carried out as a whole energy-saving, fall bad news, decrease a platoon, treat corrupt compositive change, systematization green solution. 4 it is to be perfected further can effect ” get the person that run ” release system and trade energy-saving standard system. Begin deep can effect is right mark, summary extends the typical experience of the enterprise and way. Farther perfect new energy resources, but second birth the sources of energy and replace energy level, accelerate development of standard of technology of new-style industry key, reasonable make specific power consumption, discharge, the quota level such as health, implementation systematization is energy-saving fall bad news.

   “Industry letter ministry also will be in program of aggrandizement of these a few respects guides and the standard leads. ” industry letter ministry is energy-saving with use department integratedly energy-saving crape myrtle managing this world expresses, labour believes a ministry to will accelerate compose to build green to make a system. Produce effect of aspect of proprietor of an enterprise adequately, with green production standard is lead, develop energetically cover area of product, factory, garden and the green that supply chain to make systematic construction. In the meantime, accelerate construction a batch of industry are energy-saving with green development evaluates a center, encourage resource of industry of innovation of tripartite orgnaization to use evaluation and service pattern integratedly.

   Constituent expert undertakes to the enterprise energy-saving diagnosing is the work of a key that energy-saving association is doing. Association director Fang Xiaohua says, at present association in order to establish the form of energy-saving expert group, use the spot to diagnose mode, take advanced and feasible energy-saving technology step, accelerate the promotion of energy-saving technology. 2012 up to now, many 30 enterprise that already waited for an industry for ammonia of oil refining, synthesis, caustic soda, calcium carbide early or late was begun energy-saving diagnose, help enterprise finds energy-saving place, implemented a batch of energy-saving projects, still laid in many energy-saving technology qualified personnel at the same time, founded the job to lay solid foundation to launch factory of green product, green and green garden division.

   Jiangsu saves chemical guild Qin Zhijiang to express, of Jiangsu petrifaction industry energy-saving basically center in two respects with green development work, be the new technology domain such as a chemical new material, new energy resources occupy than promoting 70% above; 2 it is to advance area of garden of green factory, green to build energetically, the value of output that effort building green can expand continuously area of garden of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan of class 5, area of garden of 50 billion yuan of class 100, level of stimulative industry green, safe, science and technology promotes steadily.