Processing of chemical liquid waste is a careful work

Published on 2019-05-11

  Emphasize a process controlling, resource reclaims, discharge harmless change, processing of tall salt waste water is a key

Since this year, in belt of economy of the Yangtse River special superintend and director checks environmental protection in waiting for the job, processing of water pollution of enterprise of chemical garden area, chemical industry makes the focal point that runs an attention, relevant processing market is warming up. But meanwhile, as ” 935 ” the key that industrial water pollution administers and difficulty, processing of chemical liquid waste still faces a lot of challenge such as management, technology, economy. What principle should processing of chemical garden area follow? What technology difficulty does prospective industry have be badly in need of a breakthrough? To this, the author interviewed Nanjing university to teach Li Aimin.

Chemical industry turns the waste water of industry industry subtly especially, have part complex, salinity and contaminant chroma noxiousness of tall, biology is big, difficult the characteristic such as degradation.

As we have learned, standard of photograph comparing abroad, at present liquid waste of our country chemical industry discharges the index such as attention COD, total nitrogen, total phosphor, had not involved the requirement to noxiousness. In the meantime, processing of garden area liquid waste also is industry difficulty, resource of processing of processing of processing of tall salt waste water, liquid waste of careful chemical industry, liquid waste deepness, liquid waste is changed waiting for technical research and development is trend of industry future development.

   Processing of chemical garden area is badly in need of pursueing new pattern

Basis is process control, take-over resource of standardization, trash is changed, process science is changed, discharge harmless change need to carry out

Ask: At present processing of pollution of industrial garden area is industry attention key, you think, chemical garden area should realize true processing, what is among them key?

Li Aimin: The true normal treatment of chemical garden area manages, in the final analysis is the control of the process, want green, low carbon, loop, modes of life and relation to their environment.

Of existing garden area take-over means is the liquid waste that arranges the business take-over directly garden division sewage treatment plant, actual this kind take-overs the method is unscientific, because the liquid waste of a lot of enterprises passes biochemical treatment, and garden division sewage treatment plant is handled or give priority to with biochemistry, waste water is very hard again degradation. Want to take-over more scientific, answer to use biochemical method less as far as possible when fountainhead, sewage treatment plant wants to be given priority to with biochemistry, those who implement technology is complementary.

In addition, because poisonous contaminant is right biochemical system impact is bigger, it is very important to before take-overing, undertake noxiousness is controlled, because test difficulty causes virulence,detect at present however get very hard popularizing. The rate of oxygen of OUR(mud bad news that we are pushing at present) method, the photograph is righter than glow bacterium liquid waste but biochemical sex has more sensitive response to concern, the on any account that can carry mud to be worth in the OUR in different industrial waste water will judge liquid waste but biochemical sex and mud bear the ultimate rate of liquid waste noxiousness, and test time is convenient and short, quick, half hour can check ten sample.

Area of a few garden includes the division of garden of golden hill chemical industry of Shanghai now, a lot of be in pursue this kind of method, and should duplicate truly, the garden area foul water that still needs to pass long effort to be evaluation index in order to build with rate of oxygen of mud bad news take-overs standard.

Ask: In resource of chemical liquid waste what technology difficulty is there in changing? Whether to have corresponding technology and case practice? The aspect is changed in science of process of useless water treatment, what key needs to pay close attention to?

Li Aimin: On one hand, the aspect is changed in trash resource, in chemical liquid waste if poisonous and harmful material can try rich market recovers, the resource that realizes trash is changed, favorable environmental beneficial result and economic benefits will be obtained while processing is polluted. On the other hand, chemical industry, influence the generation large family that labour is useless salt subtly especially, of useless salt deal with to already became the bottleneck that restricts garden area development. Useless salt how resource is changed become one catastrophe to nod.

Be in raise farming group 300 thousand tons / year on industrial device, we apply colophony of compound function adsorption to receive pair of amino phenol in liquid waste to produce caustic soda back and forth, this one technology year reclaim about 900 tons pair of amino phenol of 98% , year the recycle that achieves 300 thousand tons of 20% salt solution, year resource changes value to make an appointment with 36 million yuan.

The aspect is changed in process science, those who have the key of target of technology of a lot of processing to depend on COD, total nitrogen, total phosphor cut down, had not involved the control of noxiousness. Be in too lake catchment, a lot of units abandon water deepness in industry of printing and dyeing sodium of second chloric acid is used in processing, although the index such as COD fell, and noxiousness may rise 10 Yu Bei, so groovy index amounts to mark to discharge do not be equal to safety to discharge, want research and development to be based on whole process of liquid waste of noxiousness pilot chemical industry to control a technology, want to pay close attention to the groovy index such as nitrogen of COD, ammonia to amount to mark not only, should take noxiousness seriously to cut down more.

Discharge harmless change final it is through take-overing resource of standardization, trash is changed, process science changes implementation. We hope to achieve discharge harmless change, namely liquid waste noxiousness is eliminated. It is OK that we ask careful chemical industry discharges the liquid waste in the environment pisciculture, pisciculture does not show noxiousness basically accords with a requirement to death, lesser also to environmental influence.

   Technical difficulty is great, processing has big company hard to participate in

At present technical key and development trend are those who solve salt arrange an issue, classification of liquid waste of the deepness processing of industrial tail water, fountainhead deals with the technology is a key

Ask: Treat in industry corrupt domain, undertake administering by enterprise of large environmental protection rarely, do you think the reason wheres?

Li Aimin: Main problem is administering difficulty at industrial pollution too big, the technology can duplicate the gender is poor, devoted, do not yield direct ratio. To the enterprise character, want to expand quickly, the mode; that need can duplicate quickly and will tell to careful chemical industry, same a product technology is different, perhaps say same kind of technology is different catchment of period of time somewhat difference, this among them technology difficulty is too great, often can appear investment is large and yield small result.

Increase of every industry attention is the biggest change, processing of sewage of every kinds of chemical industry needs to specialization the team goes considering, often benefit does not follow to go up, this is a very main reason. Additional, domestic environmental protection is treated corrupt the market still insufficient standard, abide by the law cost is higher also be one of reasons. The company is a ton for instance high chroma difficult degradation organic liquid waste, some processing fee may want on 1000 yuan to achieve every tons, contrary and attenuant cost is very low however, this brings about the business that lacks environmental consciousness partly greatly quite would rather dilute take-overs to sewage treatment plant, also do not wish to be administered truly.

Ask: Is processing of liquid waste of careful chemical industry current what are technical key and development trend?

Li Aimin: Truly good processing technique, the clean production that is fountainhead above all, unmanageable those who reach poisonous and harmful raw material replace, this also is the basis that resource changes.

At present technical key and development trend are solve salt arrange an issue, if why can sewage treatment plant run below the circumstance of tall salt? To assure to center sewage treatment plant can move normally, the chroma of general requirement salt is in 5 millesimals less than, because tall salt branch brings about biology bacterium to die, biochemical system moves normally hard. And waste water of tall salt of rejection of sewage treatment plant, can bring about much useless salt hoard for speculation to be in an enterprise workshop, its deal with become thorny issue.

So, to biology technology, if why handle tall salt liquid waste,core is, education is able to bear or endure saline bacterium is planted, those who raise biology bacterium be able to bear or endure salinity. Project case is at present medium, tall salt biochemistry, inorganic salt chroma can amount to 1.5% or so; on the whole, biology technology changes application to still slant in the project in processing of tall salt waste water little.

Additional, because the tail water after biochemical treatment of sewage treatment plant still contains contaminant of taller pH indicator, environment of water supply of the meeting after poisonous and harmful material enters water system brings serious harm, the deepness processing of industrial tail water also is current emphasis.

Basically be advanced oxidation and adsorptive union at present, be like fragrance fluid-bed technology, make full use of the function of surprise appearance catalysis of the filling after load, raise drug utilization rate, reduce soda acid to use up, the generation that eliminates iron mud basically, come true ” 0 cuttings pick-up ” , the technology of combustion of catalysis of technical; ozone that is a kind of biochemistry tail water that applies to processing COD

Ask: Is what technology future still has industry attention key?

Li Aimin: Prospective resource changes technology and loop use a technology ovation, if exceed critical catalysis,incorporate a few advanced technologies oxidation, medium lukewarm wet oxidation of catalytic oxidation, catalysis of high temperature high pressure, this kind is classification of fountainhead liquid waste deals with technology, also be the technology that we pay close attention to mainly.

Present technology basically is contented amount to mark to discharge, but if trash real natural resources is changed use rise, still need hard, this is having vast space among them. Individual technology is at present more, a lot of technologies were finished small try, in try, but more important is the compositive research that should take a technology seriously.

Writer unit: Jiangsu appropriate starts academy of environmental protection industry