Petrifaction industry makes clear prospective green to develo

Published on 2019-05-11

Green development is the main way that revolution of science and technology and industry change, also be the only way that our country oil and chemical industry adjust economy of industrial structure, change to develop way, what already made entire industry work is heavy in heavy. 14-15 day held in Beijing in December the progress that oil and congress of chemical green development reviewed entire industry green to develop 2017, combed the current situation of development and problem, offerred the way that next green develop entire industry at the same time.

Bencihui discusses the largest window is in oil and chemical industry the industry rolled out first green factory and green product and consequence, technology is had inside the industry advanced, can solve the center of engineering of industry environmental protection of trade problem effectively, and the spot gives a shop sign.

Declare via the organization, expert spot evaluation, media is official show, association of environmental protection of chemical industry of Chinese oil and chemical Joint Industry Conference, China, petro-chemical Inc. of decision cognizance China presses down Hai Lian to change 43 units such as the branch to be factory of 2017 year oil and chemical industry green, 45 products of 11 enterprises such as Inc. of 3 trees coating are industry green product, the engineering center that maintains 16 units such as academy of technology of environmental protection of safety of Chinese oil group to declare is center of engineering of industry environmental protection, the purpose is to promote development of entire industry green.

This second conference is sponsorred by association of Chinese petrifaction federation and environmental protection of Chinese chemical industry, 300 more than person attends the meeting. (Su Li)