High cost can industry choose can effect get the person that run

Published on 2019-05-11

Hair of general office of industry letter department, country changes appoint general office of general office, total bureau of national qualitative check allotted an announcement a few days ago, requirement organization begins 2017 year high cost can industry can effect ” get the person that run ” choose the job. The chemical industry such as ammonia of treatment of ethylene, crude oil, synthesis, methanol child the industry is brought into choose limits.

The announcement points out, consumption of energy of integrated consideration industry, energy-saving latent capacity, the sources of energy is metric statistical foundation, can the circumstance such as effect standard, the decision is in ammonia of treatment of steely, ethylene, crude oil, synthesis, methanol, cement, plate glass, electroanalysis the industry such as smelt of aluminous, copper is begun can effect ” get the person that run ” the enterprise chooses the job.

The announcement emphasizes, application industry can effect ” get the person that run ” should satisfy ask 6 times below: It is unit product specific power consumption reachs level of state of limitation of specific power consumption advanced value; 2 it is to did not use a country to public proclamation prohibits or include prohibit, those who wash out catalog is backward with can equipment and product; 3 be according to national level ” energy management system asks ” , established government of the sources of energy system and survey statistic of administrative system, the sources of energy and metric management system and system of energy-saving rewards and punishment, and already passed the sources of energy is metric examine; 4 it is year of energy consumption the; of unit of independent legal person of coal of more than 10 thousand tons of standards 5 it is close accident of great safety, environment or product quality did not happen to violate behavior; inside 3 years 6 it is integrated.