World highest iron tower is put on anticorrosive coat measure a body by multilateral expert custom-built

Published on 2019-05-11

On November 23, in Zhou Shan spot of project of net of 500 kilovolt couplet, more than 10 staff members are piling up for the ground lever of orderly iron tower of a root is in charge of gush to brush ” modified of black lead Xi weighs preservative coating ” , in the world that build for this highest iron tower puts on a suit ” anticorrosive coat ” .

If where the island environment with humidity and taller salinity, of content of slow down metal rustily, prevent the surface to flake, make sure equipment interior structure does not suffer destroy, prolong lever tower life thereby, it is a when branch of foreland power supply studies main task. “The sea is wide one a unit of length, the tower is tall one feet ” , as in Zhou Shan project of net of 500 kilovolt couplet this world highest iron tower — iron tower of 380 meters transmit electricity of Jin Tang island builds start, iron tower is anticorrosive the issue that becomes Chongzhongzhi to weigh.

In the past, country company of power supply of net peaceful wave has coulded there be with the Chinese Academy of Sciences wave material technology and project institute combination were built in all ” application of new material of electrified wire netting combines a lab ” , modified of Xi of black lead of joint research and development is new-style heavy preservative coating, wait for area through pressing down city of logical sequence of the sea, north, Yin pilot use, extend transmit electricity mast, line significantly, be defeated change of electric equipment enlist in army life, mast of transmit electricity of layer of will traditional galvanization is mixed in marine air area of the industrial district defend life raises above 6 years, reduce maintenance frequency of overhaul and maintenance frequency, not only such, this material still has the advantage such as environmental protection, low cost, exert effect remarkable.

This Xi of combinative black lead applies He Zhou hill project of net of 500 kilovolt couplet is actual circumstance, country plan of shift to an ealier time of company of power supply of net peaceful wave, collect data of boat hill environment, undertook study an analysis to the feasibility of paint application, undertook reforming on former coating composition, it is 380 meters tall tower first ” quantity body is custom-built ” anticorrosive coat, invited academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Xue Qun radical, international corrodes alliance hold appoint many expert such as Li Xiaogang is opposite this ” modified of Xi of black lead of application of island iron tower weighs preservative coating ” undertake feasibility proves evaluation, classics is collective inquiry and discuss, think technical material is all ready, normative, data full and accurate, accord with evaluation requirement.

Current, “Modified of black lead Xi weighs preservative coating ” besmear brushs the job to be being carried out by the plan, iron tower predicts 2018 finishing.