Anhui (north of the Huaihe River) base of new-style coal chemical industry start working of 10 big projects

Published on 2019-05-11

Recently, anhui (north of the Huaihe River) 10 big projects center base of data of synthesis of new-style coal chemical industry start working, the mark is worn one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two carbon of our city base development of new material base strode one stride ahead, lifted base to accelerate transition of industry of project construction, implementation to upgrade new climax.

The content of science and technology of 10 big projects that centralizes go into operation this prospect of tall, market is wide, short to filling board strong chain, promote ” double base double one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two ” the project is carried out, it is important that actual strength of whole of promotion garden area is had urge action. Project total investment amounts to 3.75 billion yuan,

Base of coal chemical industry is province government is affirmatory revitalize Anhui north economy ” a project ” , be development of transition of north of the Huaihe River ” hope project ” , also be collaboration of city look forward to ” demonstrative project ” . The course develops for years, garden area development sails ” drive ” , base already rose for provincial development strategy, obtain criticize a country first circular economy sets an example garden area. Preliminary predict, base gross value of industrial output will break through 20 billion yuan this year, mu all invest contribution of intensity, taxation to all be in front row in saving a developing zone completely, transition upgrades pace is accelerated apparently, the effect propping up that develops to whole city economy more highlight.

In 10 big projects, initator, annulus project of personal radical formic acid, respectively by the world 500 win the German actor that achieves industrial group division to fall by force to be able to bear or endure heart group and construction of investment of group of Taiwan Yi Yi, its engineering technology environmental protection of green of process of advanced, production, product application field is extremely extensive, europe of Anhui of very capacious; straps market prospect act vigorously α – project of material of material of function of environmental protection of long the Huaihe River of alkene, Anhui, Anhui Jiang Taixin, carry a business the crucial technology of own research and development, obtained multinomial invention patent, broke the manufacturing monopoly of foreign congener product, fill home is blank, great drove base industry catenary outspread.

Hai Xincai of the Huaihe River of material of Anhui Tian Chengxin, Anhui expects project with coal downstream product is raw material, produce material of new-style chemical industry, accord with the development demand of circular economy, be helpful for realizing coal natural resources ” eat dry extract clean ” , it is the north of the Huaihe River of; of filling catenary project with main base oasis of north of body, the Huaihe River is high-powered among dragon brook medicine electronic chemical project, product market is had rate is higher, it is the; of the project that extend cable length with base industry downstream and important catenary especially Anhui eminent embellish 100 thousand tons / year 2 acid produce the ester inside oneself and oneself project, this craft has independent intellectual property, be in world banner standing, its application will break the ester inside the oneself that precedes by Euramerican country, oneself completely 2 acerbity traditions manufacture technology, after device building, will become the ester inside the biggest oneself on the world to produce monomer device, in the meantime, compare with the most advanced craft photograph on eye preexistence bound, specific power consumption of treatment of its unit product drops 20% , producing cost is to drop more about 60% .