Large-scale store can technical importance highlights current batteries is prospective development trend

Published on 2018-06-21

   But development of second birth energy cannot leave store can

Revolution of the sources of energy appeared 3 times on the history: Coal of revolution of first time the sources of energy replaced firewood bavin. England seizes development opportunity at that time, become global overlord, but also caused a lot of problem, be like haze of London big mist, according to not complete count, structure of British the sources of energy is medium at that time 70% above are coal. The 2nd times oil gas of revolution of the sources of energy replaced coal, the United States borrows situation become new world overlord. Revolution of the 3rd the sources of energy, it is but second birth the sources of energy, gain ground but the key that second birth the sources of energy is transition of the sources of energy of global implementation low carbon. Predict after 2030, among structure of whole the sources of energy, but second birth the sources of energy will occupy dominant. Our country is in ” 935 ” the revolution of the sources of energy that puts forward in the program and strategic principle of structural adjustment of the sources of energy are, to 2020, our country wind energy generates electricity installed capacity achieves 250 million kilowatt, guang Fufa report amounts to 150 million kilowatt, smooth heat generates electricity amount to 5 million kilowatt. But second birth the sources of energy is turning into by auxiliary the sources of energy gradually dominant the sources of energy.

Electrified wire netting is in 100 old histories, not store also can move very well, why to need now store can? The character of not stable, discontinuous sex that wind report, solar energy generates electricity causes impact to electrified wire netting, configuration store can, go up at all solved this one problem, realize safe, steady power supply. In recent years, abandon wind, abandon house of the smooth, rate that abandon water not to fall high, only last year annual, our country abandons wind, abandon the smooth, gross that abandon water to be as high as 110 billion kilowatt hour, exceed electricenergy production of annual of 3 gorge power station. Store can importance is highlighted — can generate electricity evenly and use phone, ensure electrified wire netting is stable, because this is large-scale store can the technology is implementation but the core technology that second birth the sources of energy popularizes application.

In recent years, as but development of second birth energy uses dimensions to expand ceaselessly, store can technical research and application are wide with each passing day. Meanwhile, the country begins to take seriously store can, good policy publishs a series of benefit ceaselessly, especially 5 ministries and commissions release the near future jointly ” about promoting store can technology and the directive opinion that the industry grows ” . As home first store can industrial policy document, ” directive opinion ” made clear store can the development target that the industry did not come to 10 years, the mark is worn store can stand really in position of the main body in electrified wire netting. At the same time ” directive opinion ” encourage a variety of technology courses and applied setting collateral development, and put forward by dominant of governmental guiding, market, emphasize establishing compensation mechanism, and rather than is pure offer subsidy, predicting future and electrochemistry store can relevant demonstrative project will be accelerated advance, a variety of store can commercial pattern develops hopeful flourishingly.

   Different store can the technology has actor drawback each

Store can the technology can distinguish by scope magnitude, the article is main focusing is large-scale store can technology, instant a long, power is great, apply to electrified wire netting store can technology. Large-scale store can the technology needs to satisfy 3 requirements: It is security, the 2 sexual price that are lifecycle are compared tall namely economy, the 3 environmental negative charge that are lifecycle are small namely the environment is friendly. Right large-scale store can the technology, because systematic power and size are large, the harm that produces safe accident to cause and loss are big, because this is large-scale store can first requirement of the technology is on the safe side, solving sex of on the safe side is his Chongzhongzhi is heavy. In addition, no matter much more large-scale store can, the litter after discarding as useless handles cost to must calculate, the influence to the environment must consider to go in.

Pump water store can, compress air store can, lithium ion batteries, sodium sulfur batteries, lead is acerbity / plumbic charcoal batteries, current batteries is current a few main kinds store can technology, each have actor drawback, want to look for exact location when applying actually, make differ store can the technology acts crucial role in different domain and setting.