Battalion harbor bank imports large polyester first east plastic advocate reactor

Published on 2019-05-11

Recently, one holds 2 production polyester is plastic advocate the Korea book steamer of reactor ” HAEBOK ” number relies on berth smoothly east battalion harbor. Classics of this batches of equipment east battalion examines quarantine bureau checks qualification hind to enter a country smoothly, this is east battalion harbor bank imports equipment of large chemical industry first.

This reactor can make the ester trade reaction of tall viscosity polymer sufficient undertake, get high quality polycarbonate product, belong to the country that turns evolution to be versed in new old kinetic energy changes the industry to give aid to project, later period still will have 8 this kinds of equipment enters a country in succession. Camping ground area is the whole nation east the biggest petrochemicals collects an area, advance an industry to be refined to essence of life ceaselessly, transition of product of high additional cost upgrades is the main task that faces currently, it is the pattern of change economy growth, important way that promotes changeover of new old kinetic energy.

Battalion examines east quarantine bureau is with serving a place to develop from beginning to end oneself, take the lead in in complete province blow is made ” 3 most ” the bugle of port, dare be a person first, innovation is connected pass mode reform, rising concern efficiency, solve development difficult problem to go up to raise a station ceaselessly, achieve hair power again essence of life accurate, step is again strong, whole thrust realizes new old kinetic energy smoothly to change into petrifaction industry, ecbolic development new power, make development new kinetic energy, to come true east transition of battalion city extroversion economy upgrades and fast and stable development escorts the Emperor convoy.