What is peaceful wave intelligence is made already new issue

Published on 2019-05-11

Had a pair when industrial robot ” 3D ” eye, what kind of world will they see? Joined when equipment content couplet net, can they announce what dictate? 15 days, the reporter is made in Ning Bo intelligence of 2017 our country full view the discovery on the meeting, what is intelligence is made already new issue, a few robot operations that deployed advanced skill, process designing resembles unexpectedly ” goofy machine ” , of countless intelligence factory present only time problem.

Industrial robot had ” 3D eye “
Often somebody asks, where does intelligence change the difference with automation to be in? Numerous ginseng exhibits the spot the enterprise gave out the answer, that feels ability namely, included vision, hearing, touch to wait. With the person, the visual system of the robot is becoming them to bear now information is most ” organ ” .
“When expecting to machine a machine tool to go up now, pervade to be able to use mechanical arm, capture puts the position that treatment lathe appoints next. But on the mechanical arm of generation can capture appearance custom, arrange orderly data, the raw material that encounters the accumulation that do not have foreword was at a loss what to do, why? Because go up of generation robot ‘ look ‘ had owed, photograph the 2 dimension drawing of the mere tradition that sees like the head, general like us photograph is same. ” ginseng exhibit honored guest stannum bright Wang Zhenyu of robot general manager makes clear.
And the skill of new generation makes the robot had a pair ” 3D eye ” , use newest laser (La Guang) umbriferous scanning is become like skill, it 29 million those who resemble element photograph can film continuously inside a second like the head 30 pieces of pictures, establish three-dimensional space model, establish coordinate to every spare parts. Course coordinate locates, it can give which product in the resolution in the spare parts of farfetched accumulation above, which below, and even can capture of according to requirement not the any place of custom spare parts. Take a spanner for instance, take a center and do not take two end.
In addition, the eye of the robot not only can establish 3D model, still have radio frequency reaction or sweep a skill. Use the mastery of a skill or technique that sweep a code, AGV car (help up automatically make carriage car) every are versed in to, sweep a code to get information instruction, operate related be over.
Peaceful wave intelligence provides a company strong and arisen
Intelligence is made those who deploy is large-scale use, besides can improve product quality for the manpower capital with a lot of more managing factory, more important is those who use is operation, process designing, brief change.
“Famed robot manufacturer of abroad includes the equipment such as card of world of gram of ABB, that law, rich, library to want to be used to the country’s common factory that make, the process designing difficulty of demand is greater. And our country has on this very big establish different, the operation is so brief that the operation resemble goofy machine same, worker of common automation line can be operated. ” this country industry robot makes Ning Bo Shi Guoping of general manager of limited company of Shang Zhicheng robot introduces.
As we have learned, annals sincere the robot is be located the industrial robot noumenon of new and high area makes a company, can produce the much axis robot of a variety of types now, in covering industry to make on glue of makings capture, dot, solder, the link such as polishing burnish. The reporter sees in the spot, cooperate ” touch ” with ” vision ” , the burnish polish robot of this company can adjust the strength of burnish according to the lubricant degree of metallic surface, to its place ” see ” not lubricant azimuth undertakes burnish 2 times again.
According to Introduction Shi Guoping, the function of this company robot is not defeated by entrance brand now, but the half that the price is entrance equipment only, sales volume is consequently first-rate. Their guiding principle is, the robot noumenon of before becoming the throughout the country 3 makes trade.
Besides Zhi Cheng, in the spot, still have the much home Ning Bo such as day of China number robot, sea this countryside robot business and intelligence provide the company that make. What peaceful wave intelligence deploys is nimble and arisen the ability of as powerful as what this country center component makes a company bedrock that make is inseparable.
“The robot has center of 3 crucial point, electric machinery of reducer, servo, motion controls a system. In Ning Bo, in energetically the reducer of heart has been the same as stage PK with Western Europe state enterprise on international arena, the servo electric machinery of phenanthrene be an official is in despot of each country of accept a challenge. Now, our central skill no longer person of be enslaved to be enslaved to, robot of international of accept a challenge is huge child will be a desire no longer. ” Xie Guocheng of standing deputy secretary-general says guild of robot of peaceful wave city.